Saturday, July 06, 2019

My Excuse Is My Excuse

Been married for a long time. There been some up and downs in our marriage. If there not down downs I would have to call them up ones. Or hanging in the middle.

But I notice my self thinking "I wouldn't of got way with that" when my husband does something that I know I would of gotten in trouble for.
Take a look at how my lime skirt is hung. If my parents saw this they would of said "What is the meaning of this?" pointing at how the skirt was hung.
No wonder I have issue with people who points with there fingers.
My husband total got away with something because I corrected it, and hung it the way it should of been hung.
Question many of you would of got in trouble if you hung a skirt like this? 

Did say I got some great photos of firework and I wasn't sure what sitting I should use on camera, and I used face beautifier. Until I look it up I thought it was sit for night time photo and it had moon symbol. 
I was trying to have my shutter stay open longer so light from the fire work could be let in.
I still like a printed manual in my hand. I would call my firework just "lucky"

My SD card is full and I don't think any place sell them in Bonners Ferry. So I would have order them on line or take trip to Sandpoint. Plus there a few other things I need to get and our local seem not to have them.
Plus Murphy and I been working on building a cover for basement from the outside entrance. We just finish staining the frame that would go on east side. Now we are waiting til dries, so it can be mounted.

Also a possible post came to my mind. Might as well tell you the subject..."unamerican and or unpatriotic. Could flare up some.

Coffee is on


  1. I was taught to hang a skirt by the waistband, by clips on a proper skirt hanger. If you don't have one of those use a wire hanger with three pegs to hang the skirt straight. or leave it as it is if that's your preferred method.
    Your SD card can be emptied, load all the photos onto your computer and then delete them from the card so you can use it again. You should be able to do the deleting from the camera. I delete mine every time I load the photos onto the computer, and from there I put them on an external hard drive, so if the computer crashes I still have them.

    1. My husband hung my skirt like this. I would of hung it on a skirt hanger and if one wasn't available I then would hung on hanger using close pins

  2. P.S. Go through all the settings on your camera and see if there is one for fireworks. I have three cameras and they all have a fireworks setting.

  3. Your fireworks photo looks good

  4. I never wore skirts as a child. My parents would have been thrilled if I hung anything up lol!

  5. I doubt my parents would have cared how I hung up a skirt. They rarely looked in my closet. Nowadays, no one but me cares.


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