Thursday, July 25, 2019

Hope It All Covered

I was ask about what T.O.P.S (taking off pounds sensibly) is and had every intention to answer it. It a weight lost support group start back in 1948.
Here is LINK to there web site.
Now since I am on the topic of weight and let add health to it. Confession time...I recall at one time I thought thin was it. No I want to be at health weight. No desire to be under a size 10.
I been doing real good with keep track of what I eat though fitday and water intake also.
Well fit day keep track of the nutrients one takes in. For this month of July I seem to be high in vitamin B12 and low on vitamin D.
But the area I am lacking in is movement other words exercise, activities, workout, discharge energy.
Recently I just put up a you tube video of facts and trivia about my home state of IDAHO and notice my fat from my arms flapping in wind.
Confession time...How embarrassing 
I know there three basic things to do in loose weight is movement, portion control and water.

Don't know if it living a small town or being older. But when I was young I dress more fashionable. Confession time...Never carried much for the DISCO CRAZE
Question time do you think personal fashion is regulated as we get older is mainly because of age or where we live?
As many you know I live a small conservative town. And fashion is pretty simple and basic here. But there some models and people in design over FIFTY.
And if you notice model in high end run away is over 5'8 for weight is under 150 pounds and there clothing size is a 4 and under.
I don't know that many people who is meets all those requirements. a little more to READ on modeling.

Would like to give shout out for PLUS SIZE MODEL and these ALSO
But can't forget those who are willing to design for larger person, and here is a LIST 

Why fashion and Idaho. Well I post a question on one local group I belong on facebook...Kind off wall question...People here seam to dress fairly simple. Has anyone every thought of wearing Gothic, Vintage, Streetwise, Grunge, Lolita, and or Ankara fashion/style. Then my other question would be what would your reaction would be if someone dress in off wall fashion.
Actual I was surprise by the response.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    Have always walked my own path in regard to clothing. Mainly Indian-influence; can't be the sari for elegance and flattery, regardless of shape or size! YAM xx

  2. Thanks for the info on TOPS. I can't believe I was once so thin that size 5 used to fall off me.

  3. My take on it? I work in NYC. It's a very fashion-conscious city, as you know. When I was younger I was more concerned about fashion trends. As I got older I became more concerned with feeling comfortable. My daughters, in their 20's, are much more clothes-conscious than I ever was, even when I was younger.

  4. I think the scale number has become too dominate in our culture. I think we all need to focus on being healthy and feeling good in our own body and clothes.

  5. When I started to get serious about my weight I tracked everything and yes. It wasn’t so much what I was eating. It was about how much I was moving. As I was still in lots of pain I started slowly going to the local pool once a week. Now I aim for four or five days a week and before hubby’s operation I was doing it. And I even have added a day of walking with a friend
    Baby steps is the key.
    As for fashion. Well I wear what is comfortable and what I think works on me.

  6. I was not really into fashion until I worked with the best boss I ever had, who was super into it and inspired me to begin experimenting. Now my wardrobe is a riot of colour and shape. I feel comfortable in almost anything. ;)

  7. I seem to wear the very same skirt in summer all the time these days. It´s practical and I just don´t care what others think :-)
    So... that´s "age"... confidence.

  8. I don't take any notice of fashion. I just wear what fits and is comfortable. I don't wear dresses, because I'm not comfortable in them, so it's pants and t-shirts in winter and shorts and t shirts in summer. With extra layers in winter to keep warm.

  9. Whatever weight you have I think you should dress nicely and not ridiculous or old fashioned. Some big women squeeze themselves in short and narrow clothes and then look like saussages, instead of wearing nice "tent" dresses, that hides a lot !

  10. I'm more of a hippie in maxi dresses all summer long with jingling jewelry.:)

  11. Hey doll. I really don't care what is in fashion. I just try to dress appropriately and not offensive as possible. I do like to wear my zombie t-shirts on the weekend with a pair of jeans but I usually wear 3/4 length sleeve blouses with slacks or nice jeans. I never wear anything this stains on it or holes unless I'm home doing heavy duty housework or painting. I try to always stay comfortable.
    Thanks for coming by my blog. Yes, it's true. I am not a fan of Drumpf the conman.

  12. I joined TOPS years ago. I enjoyed it. I am on Weight Watchers now.

  13. Dressing in any style or no style is strictly a personal choice.
    Me? I love denim jeans and soft tops. I also love wearing black. As I have aged and my hair has turned gray, if I wear to light of a color I tend to disappear :)
    I also wear my gray hair is a personal decision and right for me.

    Have a great weekend!!!


  14. I think location does have some sway. There's courage in dressing unlike the majority of the population. I've seen some who go all out in vintage looks, and they have to be willing to be stared at. It helps that in my area people are more used to differences in dress.


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