Thursday, July 04, 2019

Happy 243 Birthday America

I decided to a tarot card lay out, and this is the layout I picked, is one for the astrology signs. Did you know our country was born under the sign of Cancer.Like all SIGNS  there strength and weakness.

First sign is Aries, and the nine of wands came up. Which represent how the world see us...In positive light one would say we are true to our self. But on negative side are overly defensive.
One might question our breaking or step out of bounds with treaties that been useful.

Second sign is Taurus, and the nine of swords came up. What we gain or lost...Nine swords is known as "Lord of Cruelty" Look how at this time we treat the misfortune or lease of us...calling people at our borders "subhuman" Statement time...shame on us. 

Third sign is Gemini, and first major arcana came up, the sun. This sign is represent communication. Take look how our president communicate with world, on his TWITTER. I am connected with him on twitter simple he is our president and we all need to keep track of our elected officials or those who steels position of power.
One can say when sun is under communication is being straight forward or false pretense.

fourth sign is Cancer, and this the first court court the king wands. What going on home front. One could say the king is forceful and take unnecessary risk. Or one might say the risk and foolishness might pay off.

Fifth sign is Leo, and the Queen of swords. Leo represent life and creativity. As long as I recall our president, I haven't seen anything quite like Trump. He has no trouble insulting many groups of people. What more dishearten they vote for him. But we could have a new leaders with new and BRIGHT IDEAL,

Sixth sign is Virgo, and wheel fortune. This is day to day. To me best way of looking at this card is roulette wheel of life. As I hear quite a few people are one pay check of being homeless or other misfortunes.

Seventh sign is Libra, and the ten of pentacles. This about relationships. Look at Trump recently stepping over the KDZ I won't go heavy into our relationship with our new friends of world. But it seem we getting a little to chummy with some of world dictatorship. But if we can let say decrease the nuclear weapons and open aide to there people. This would be a good thing.

Eighth  sign is Scorpio, and this will be about change. The king pentacles. We will be moving forward and self improvement.

Ninth sign is Sagittarius, higher learning and new ideals. eight wands. Could ask what sort of action needs to be taken for possible problems
One example would be Climate change. Yes it might be time for new and board ideals for future.

Tenth sign is Capricorn about reputation and status. Five of cups. Will we have to work and how hard to gain our relationship with our friends or allies in world. What web we have woven and how tangle up we are.

Eleventh sign is Aquarius about our social life...Three of wands...what kind of friendship will we go forth. We will be experiencing new things and ideals.

Twelfth sign is Pieces about the spiritual side. Hermit will we be questioning are choices of the decision of the past. And what need to be done from past mistakes. 

Question time...How would you like to see America move forward.

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  1. I was also born under the sign of Cancer. I'm sure it's a coincidence.
    Or is it?

    1. President Trump is born under the sign of Gemini. Usual there two side of these people.

  2. I would like to see the USA be the country it promised to be: a shining light of liberty and democracy, a place where "all men (and women) are treated equal, etc. Also with a kinder and more compassionate government than it currently has.

  3. YTSL put it just right.
    I fail to understand how Trump can still be there as president.

  4. I don't live there so maybe I shouldn't say, but I would like to see a better basic wage and more accessible health care.

  5. I am cancer too ! with another president ! I and all I know cannot understand how it is possible to keep this Trump as president !

  6. I'd like to see a new president and a new Congress. Those Republicans are not the Republicans of the past. The Far Right is a dangerous group. I'd like to see less hate and division and more acceptance of those different from us. This will never happen until Trump is gone.

  7. Don’t get me on my soapbox...I love my country and all that it can be, and despair about so many things these days ...

  8. I don't think America can move forward with the current administration, they are determined to take you back to the 50's in so many ways. Let's hope for the sake of the US and the world they're out soon ✨

  9. Although we may change administration I wonder if we have learned anything. He has exposed many weaknesses in our type of government and our assumptions, which is both good and bad. Good, if we learn, and fix these weaknesses once he is out of office. But I'm not optimistic about that. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspotcom

  10. Very insightful. You might consider doing Tarot layouts for your readers, too.

  11. I would like Americans to treat each other with more respect. We are in tough times.


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