Monday, July 22, 2019

Don't Worry Your Not Going To Get Bomb

Decided to try to put a small ad at button of my blog post. Sound simple enough, well at this point I can't figure it out.
Maybe in day or so, I will try again.
Main reasons I blog is for my self, recording happening with my self, expression of thoughts and feelings. Plus for enjoyment.

Well I did look into the hall closet were the cook book are. Actual I was looking at shelf below, were the board games are kept.
I figure it only fair for my sons to get or less offer the board games to them.

But I just need to know which area I want to go though next. It like I am letting the board game put a stifle on me.
Take my word I got way to much stuff. But I call it crap.
Usual I know I have an item and it frustrating when I can't located. Simple reason it to much clutter.

Coffee is on


  1. The board games might be very welcome at the nearest hospital for the kids ward.

  2. I can't let go of my board games even though I never play them anymore. Good luck.

  3. Too much stuff, I know what you mean...

  4. I’m with River, the board games would be welcome at a hospital or a homeless shelter for families.

  5. We have way too many 'useless' things too.

  6. I think most of us blog for our own enjoyment and just are happy that others enjoy what we put out there too.


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