Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Wednesday Pop Up Number Forty One


1.  Who knew there was a day to celebrate parchment paper?!  Do you ever use parchment when you bake or cook? No I haven't heard about parchment paper day. But there a lot I haven't heard of. I have used parchment paper and wonder what the difference between wax paper and parchment.

2.  When Terri thinks of parchment paper, she usually thinks about special writing or artist papers. She loves using specialty papers for creating cards or other art projects. Tell us about a creative way you have used parchment paper other than to bake with! I love being creative and need to google "parchment arts and crafts" 

3.  Terri used to be in the cake business and has piped many borders and roses and leaves and letters, etc., etc.  You can make a pastry bag from parchment paper!  Have you ever tried decorating a cake with a pastry bag and specialty tips?  Do you have a picture to share?  Don't be shy, now! Didn't know Terri was in the cake business. I made doll cake before, although it was in days before internet and computers. I am giving away my age. 

4.  Tell us about something you baked or cooked in the past week or so that turned out great, parchment or no parchment.  Will you share the recipe? Since I work I haven't done any real cooking. But I been thinking of cookies pineapple and banana ones. 

5.  The last Wednesday in June!!  How can that be? Has your June flown by or have you been able to enjoy each day and make it slow down for you? Yes it has flown by quickly. Our June weather here been little below average.

6.  Tell us something about your week so far, if you will. This morning I trim and work in flower bed below our front window.

For more fun stop by our hostess TERI

This time I decided to use last prompt which is list of words to build a story from...Welcome, Trigger, Moving, Taller, Essential, Expecting,

It was any other day in Rexton local store, people were moving about and doing there shopping. Rexton had pass laws a decade or so, that people could carry firearms. Not even half would strap on firearms and as note most people in community packed a fire arm usual they kept it hidden.

Actual Rexton was friendly town, were you felt welcome. Your neighbor would help you when you are in need. Walking about people would smile and knowledge your present.

Not sure how long it would take someone to be trigger happy with one of guns. It seem anyone could get a gun. Or really had no responsibility with it. A lease with vehicle you have to carry liability insurance, title and register it. Plus a liaison to operated it.
Not even medical person could find someone unstable to have a firearm.

No one was expecting Histon to walk in at local cafe, pulled his revolver out of it holster and start shooting. The cafe wasn't quite packed, most people began to knock over table. It never lucky when someone died in a mass shooting. But only one died Monie she had two children and was about to get her PHD. And then there were one wounded and had no medical insurance. And there in possible the hospital and medical personal could put a lean on there property.

The people after so many shootings start to have enough and they start to petition there elected officials about guns and shootings.

They need to get more on board then people of Rexton, see there still was about fourth who thought our second amendment was above human life.

Now was the time to rally the voice of people to make them seem taller and more powerful then any lobby group or the NRA.
What would be the most essential way of people being safe from gun violence.

For more stories and use of words please stop in at ELEPHANT CHILD

Hope every on enjoyed the Wednesday Pop Up


  1. Parchment paper can go in the oven. Wax paper wouldn't work, with the wax melting in the heat. I've used parchment paper when I bake cookies (to make the batches go easier), but they also have silicone pads that do the job just as well without the waste.

  2. Scary story. I am so grateful that we have gun laws and that people carrying guns is a rarity.


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