Saturday, June 15, 2019

Start and Finish and Beyond

Before I counted my steps last night. I walk around the place six time. But on Saturday I increase my morning walks. Use the power line poles for measurement of distance. Increase it each week by two. So now I am up to five poles, 1,962 steps that round trip on walk this morning. Thought it would be a lot more.
But Sunday and Tuesday I usual don't do full walk and some time not at all.

Got my glasses in mail. Mid forties to early fifties I start to wear reading glasses. I now need glasses for distance. Getting use to them is a little strange.

Did some two loads of whites and wash some fabric. And you heard right, I did say "fabric" Then also did loud of dishes. a little trimming around place of taller grass.

Thinking of up coming week and rest of the day.

Coffee is on   


  1. The cateract on the starboard side has gone and the one on the port side will be removed on July one. Then comes the expense od two more pairs of spectacles. then full steam ahead.

  2. It is interesting to read when folks get glasses for the first time. I have had glasses since I was 7, so it is such a normal facet of my day-to-day that I never even think about them anymore. When I eventually also started to need reading glasses in my 50s, it took a little bit to get used to bifocals because of the line. Progressive lenses... unfortunately I cannot use them.... they give me motion sickness.


  3. I remember when I first got bi-focals it took a bit of getting used to, but now I'm okay with them, had them for about 20 years. Like Pipe Tobacco above me here, I can't use progressive lenses either, same reason.

  4. I’m on my mid to upper forties and the reading glasses thing is hitting. I have always worn glasses for distance it is not a huge adjustment!

    Good job with the walking and increasing your distance every day!!

  5. i have worn glasses so long, i sometimes forget to take them off before i get in the pool each morning. my friend reminds me. they are on my face from the moment i step out of bed until i go to bed. it did take a while to adjust to them when i first started wearing them... i don't count steps, i count minutes, so much easier. i am now doing 45 minutes to an hour a day of exercising, which includes walking. i walk 15 to 30 minutes a day and 20 to 30 minutes in pool... also housework counts as excercise, like scrubbing cabinets and bathrooms

  6. Sounds like a busy day Dora, hope it doesn't take too long to get used to your new glasses ✨

  7. I got glasses when I was 5. I tried contacts but the chemicals damaged my eyes. Happy walking.

  8. Have you seen the apps where they put your steps onto a fictional path? So you can say you've walked as far as (fill in the blank).


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