Saturday, June 08, 2019

Not Sure When It Will End.

Got a few more items sorted. Last few days I sort out the scrub tops I picked up at the thrift stores. And even cut them into small and large squares, I should say rough cut squares.
Been going though Murphy and my closet got small loads ready to go to the thrift store. Notice there some fabrics that could go though in this small bedroom.
 few other things.

I bought two bundles of fabrics and these fabrics were sample package from such things as interior and or exterior ones. Then there also fabrics that one might use for light and heavy objects.
Most of pieces are 18 by 22 inches (.45 X .55) Confession time...Some of the piece I am not sure what to do with.

But also I picked up two more scrubs. All under $15.

The other day I was in the GOODWILL down behind Walmart in PONDERAY . Got some of items and now I can't find my sack of items.
Got a water bottle and I just help my self, fabric. I think one scrub. Didn't want to spend over $20. and stayed with in the price range.

Murphy and I went the farm store and got fence post to mark corner of property in hay field. So when the tractor comes by with the implement won't pull up the marker, and the tractor can freely get by.
We also got a small walk in.
Chicken stew for dinner tonight.

Coffee is on


  1. There are some beautiful patterns and colors here.
    I love Goodwill ❤

  2. Those fabrics are lovely and summery.

  3. You had a productive day!!!

  4. since you have so much you can't get it organized i am wondering why you keep buying more? maybe you could explain why and i would like to know what you use the scrub squares for. probably in a prior post before i came here

  5. I am back, found the answer to my questions on your 2018 post, you buy the scrubs to make rugs. wow.

  6. Very productive day. They do quilting at my center on Wednesdays. I haven't joined the class because I go to Mindfulness.

  7. Time to go on Pinterest and look for project ideas...

  8. I like the look of the fabric, some lovely colours and patterns.

    All the best Jan


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