Saturday, June 01, 2019

May Report 2019

This time I will be starting with PERSONALITY INSIGHT I find this quite interesting.
You are shrewd.
You are independent: you have a strong desire to have time to yourself. You are philosophical: you are open to and intrigued by new ideas and love to explore them. And you are solemn: you are generally serious and do not joke much.
Your choices are driven by a desire for discovery.
You are relatively unconcerned with both tradition and achieving success. You care more about making your own path than following what others have done. And you make decisions with little regard for how they show off your talents.
Not sure how I feel about the word shrewd. Sound a little creepy to me. Then on the part about joke not much. I know I do have since of humor. 
Let just hit three more. And I am pretty happy with these. 
Sympathy 81%...Having sympathy or TRY to understand about others, and you might not total get it and that ok. But everyone has feeling and emotional. None of us should fit in certain mold. Statement time...I am total against profiling. And I know we all do it but I sure don't go out of my way to do it.
Modesty 57%...Sure glad this one in middle. I wouldn't want to be floozy or Miss Prim
cooperation 51%...Very much willing to meet people on most things, and I am even willing to give over 50%. But I don't enjoy confrontation. If it comes necessary I can hold my own. 

At the end of May I decided to put some brakes on my facebook. I can see pro and cons. It facebook that is was control my life and needed much bounds. 
So I post this...Dora Witherell Vandenberg been spending WAY to much time here on facebook. I need to set some bounds of my time here. It effecting me in a negative way and basically other things are getting neglect. So for the month of June and remainder of May. The only activity I will be doing on facebook is my creativity groups and pagan groups, which will be less then one hour per day. So no other groups will be visited, no emoji, no post other then listed above, no sharing, no comment or replies. But not on a daily bases I will post over on my blog facebook page "having coffee with peppylady" and my personal creative page "nice and nifty stuff"
Start to wonder if facebook had me hooked in as boarder line personality. 
These here is my bounds and in July I will see where I am. Hope you will enjoy these two photos... So far going good. A couple time I've seen my self on facebook and were I didn't want to be. Haven't comment, and only posted once. Confession time...I am less angry and I wasn't angry at facebook, but time I spent there.
Almost got anther page done for my scapebook project in New York. Did up a small painting of acrylic, part art abandonment. Hide it in our local town of Bonners Ferry. And two young girl I would guess around seven year found it. Then my big thing I got done and will have more about it tomorrow or next day is I got all my fabric in basement assorted by color and size.
Didn't do all that well on the weather but end of month notice light haze around the mountains from the fires up in Alberta Canada 
Coffee is on


  1. The haze from fires is a real drag.

  2. You should look up "shrewd" in your dictionary, it isn't a bad thing. Basically it means wise and careful. Or if you have a Thesaurus, there are many words that mean the same as shrewd.

  3. wow the haze from Alberta...

  4. I can’t wait to see picks of the fabric organization. I love the colors of fabrics!!!

  5. I did my personality thing a couple months ago, it came out pretty close to what I am. I am most definitely a shrewd person, and glad I am.. I think it is a good idea to give your self a break from FB and see how it goes.

  6. How accurate do you think that personality insight is?

  7. I totally get the FB break. I do it all the time... It just gets to be a bit much, doesn't it???

  8. Shrewd is a good word. It means discerning. Smart.

    My Twitter is similar to your FB. It's so easy to get worked up into a lather every time I visit.

  9. I totally got off of FB and deleted my account. It was too addicting and too big a time waster.


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