Sunday, June 02, 2019

Hlela Isn't My Speciality

Don't care what word is chosen for organizing and such isn't my forte. Mostly when it comes to paper.
I am surprise I mange to pay bills in the month there due. Confession time....I miss place important papers. 
I figure usual there around some where or I've toss them out. See every so often I will just toss papers because it so frustrating.

But I did get my fabric in basement sorted by size and colors. As for the sizes I had two stacks those of half yard or in other places about half meter.
But the main thing was color.
I start with the 3 primary colors, yellow, red, and blue. Then head to my next set of colors purple, orange, and green. Then I believe I sorted pinks, grays, blacks, brown, beige, creams and whites.
No I didn't sort by color shade. Like my black and grays in small stack half yard or less they ended up same stack.

Last pile of fabric which called "interesting" was last one I did. Just not sure which colors they would fall under. This is before I separated by size.

The smaller pieces of fabric place in large tote.

These are the large cut piece fabrics.
I do have a tote put them although I still need to do some shifting of items. Which I will get them done this afternoon.

Confession time...I don't care about plastic bags and actual in my mind I have the item I need of want. 
This is the shape of storage item I am looking for. But I will needed in variety of size, and I want it clear flexible plastic or Mylar plastic which one can get at fabric shops. Although I don't see my self doing them up.

Murphy and I went for a drive up over cook pass, in the Selkirk mountain range. What was surprising they weren't hardly any snow, and usual this time of year it very iffy.
Seen a few chipmunks. 

Started a new Bullet journal for the month of June. It slightly smaller then regular BULLET JOURNAL and possible less pages.
Picked up blank journal books for less dollar at thrift store. As you saw on links the bullet journal was about 15 dollars. And there even some for $24 something.
Pretty much got weekly stuff in and there more like weather page, and new moon goals.

It almost got up to 90 degree today.

Coffee is on


  1. That's why I prefer digital paperwork.

  2. You must be a quilter. I've stopped going to fabric stores because I just can't resist those quarters they always have in such luscious colors.

  3. I like the colour mixes in that last batch of cut fabrics.

  4. Hope that coffee is sweet and milky… :-)

  5. That photo of the mountain is great

  6. I always enjoy the view of a mountain.

  7. Collecting fabric is such and addiction!!!!! Love it!!!

  8. good job on sorting your fabric.

  9. New bullet journals are always so exciting. It's a fresh start.

  10. 90 degrees Fahrenheit?? Seems like it was not so long ago that you were having snow in north Idaho!

  11. I use clear plastic shoe boxes, I have all things like bandaids and salves and sewing needles all kinds of things. each in shoe boxex stacked so I can see what is inside. they are easy to stack because they have lids. for lotions and shampoo, bottles of stuff I use open plastic baskets from Dollar Tree. sit them on shelves. for papers I have a box for important things, one with a handle to grab if fire or flood happens. for bills I have a box by the phone I stand them in. or I did until I wnet online bill pay. I go through the mail when it comes in, toss all of it unless important and stand it in the box.

  12. Good luck with the fabric sorting. Such a chore, I'm sure.

  13. I plain hate and misplace paper...

  14. Gosh you have so much material to sort Dora, I like the look of your alternative to plastic bags. Oh I'm always in trouble with misplacing bills too, determined to get more efficient 😉


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