Thursday, May 16, 2019

Yesterday Tomorrow and Some Where In Between

Usual on Wednesday I do a what I call a "Pop Up" I do three of them one of them is called "Words on Wednesday" it usual a list of words but sometime a photo or a video and one try to build a story from these prompts.
And the other two is Wordless Wednesday and it pretty much self explanatory wordless is not using words to express one self. Well it to share some photos.
Then last one I take part is Wednesday Medley a set of six questions
I decided to do you tube video. Confession time...I feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, although I am slowly getting more comfortable.
But instead my clients and I went geocaching for the first time. It good for them to get out and my self as well. When comes to treasure we're one to one.

Then work isn't all fun and games. But I think it more healthier for my clients to get at a bit, instead of institution relationship with there care giver.
Regis well we went to one stores he left his snap card, stop at the thrift store he got a few things and I just looked.
I did some laundry and clean his back porch and still more need to be done. But I need pruners and there some different size of tree branch and I would guess were planning to make walking sticks or wands.
Not sure what wood is good or total rotten.
Liz and I visit Confession time...I wonder if I upset her telling her about the book I want to read. The APOLOGY BY EVE ENSLER 
But we had a good conversation about the concept of writing apology from some who wrong us. Question time...Could you write a letter of apology to your self and how do you think it would make you feel?
Not sure if I would even know how and it would be force apology or not a true apology.

Then I got a magazine book that got my curiosity called "Centennial Health The Secrets of Creativity" As many of know I've shown my arts and crafts on my blog. Some time it comes right to me, one might say it just pops in out blue.
Then other time I draw a major blank. Like "Hello is any one home"

Still haven't figure out why I can't give my self...self gratitude or praise. I seem not be able to get in habit of marking off the goals in my bullet journal. I ask my self this question "Why is self gratitude important" and I found this short ARTICLE ON SELF GRATITUDE 
Confession time....I don't want my self gratitude to sound prideful.

It Friday and my pop up will be a sky photo and a drawing of one of my tarot cards.

Coffee is on


  1. No, there’s a difference between appreciating yourself and being prideful. I’ve never seen you post anything I’d consider narcissistic. I love reading about your creativity and your projects.

    And geocaching with your clients is a great idea, gets them out, keeps them engaged.

  2. Nothing wrong with appreciating yourself. I am being nosy, but what kind of work do you do? I'm curious.

  3. yes, like "Songbird's crazy world" that I love with your post.... make me smile...and many time inspiring me.

    # Let's drink a cup of coffee

  4. I am truly blessed, I have no one that owes me an apology, maybe a few slights but nothing I need. the answer is I could not write an apology to myself, but I do owe apology To others.

  5. Awesome thoughts in this post.

  6. nice to catch up with you Peppy.

  7. If you weren't worried about sounding prideful, then I'd worry. Although, having pride isn't really a problem, or it shouldn't be. It's when someone acts as if they're better than everyone else. And that's not you.

  8. I write down three things that I am grateful for in a journal. It has worked for me and it can something as simple as I am grateful that I went to bed early. Try it out.

  9. Selflove is the most important thing of all Dora! Loved your video vlog of the haul - great things - I also love to shop at our thrift store here in my area! I loved the colors of the two tops you got!Will fit you pretty well! Super! And I loved to see you have appletrees in your garden . We have just a little garden but two proud old apple trees in it and I love them just now as they "snow" with their blossoms. The red cat looks smart!!! Wishing you a fantastic weekend and have fun creating ATCs and using the amazing fabrics you got.

    Big hugs sent by Susi from Austria

  10. Have a happy weekend, my friend ☺🌼

  11. Enjoyed this post.

  12. "Confession time...I feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, although I am slowly getting more comfortable."

    I think you are quite relaxed in front of the camera … in fact I commented about it on your last vlog :)

    All the best Jan


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