Monday, May 06, 2019

Slow Is Key Word

I don't know anyone who has over 10 mega bits for internet speed here. Things don't change all that much and that can be both positive and negative.
Question fast should things change?

Yesterday I down load app for GEOCACHING and it been going for little over nineteen years.  I couldn't tell you how many is in my area. I know there well over 20.

And actual someone hide one in our neighborhood. Although I didn't find it. But it is a good way of getting in a few steps.

I did up my monthly and weekly bullet journal. And I did a page on just case in win the big lottery. Well I guess I could post a little bit of what I written. First thing I would hire a lawyer and account to get my self though it.
Then for my sons and there family Pay off half of there home. And pay for an education at any public university or college, up to a Masters. And this will be done for my daughter in laws and grand children.
And set up a million dollar trust fund or a retirement account they can't touch to there 55 years old.
I doubt I will win lottery any time soon.

If I counted right I belong to 57 facebook groups, and even slightly more, groups. I'm start to delete and unsubscribe to some of them.
Confession time...I like being part of group who takes part in swaps. But over 50 that little much. I wonder what would be healthy amount of groups to be part of on social media sights. Question time....How many groups do you belong to on social media?....How do you choose a group?

Weigh in at T.O.P.S Tuesday Morning.

Coffee is on


  1. I have 69 groups in my list, but some of those groups are inactive

  2. 57 Facebook groups? Yikes. I don't belong to any, I prefer to stick with just blogging and then have all my other time to myself.

  3. I geocache and it is a great way to be active and get steps in without even realizing it! Plus I have found some amazing parks, businesses and historic locations that I wasn’t aware of (literally once a park that I ran by ever time I ran....just down a little path...the main entrance was on a dead end road I never went on) had been awesome!

  4. I think the best most fun thing for me if I won the lotto would be giving most of it away 😊 I'm not a huge fan of social media Dora, as little as possible!

  5. I belong to a lot of FB groups too. Many I don't even know I have. I try every once in awhile to delete, but they make it so difficult. One at a time, and every time you delete one, the page goes back to the ones you want to keep and you have to scroll again.

  6. I am only in two groups, one is the rescue mission where we got Big Boy and the other is Barb Cady's FB Group of 5000 people... I don't care for groups, but joined TOPS group to get ideas on how to keep off the weight I have lost. if you are not in that group, it is a good one.

  7. I've heard of geocaching.

  8. My brother had to tell me what geocaching was. He did it for a while (when he had free time).

    Groups? What's that? I barely touch my Facebook anymore. I think I'm on a couple, but I'm not sure. Not sure how the whole FB thing works, really.

  9. Geocaching - never tried it, but sounds like fun :)
    Groups? Zero. I tried FB years ago, but it wasn't a good fit. I like blogging for now.

  10. I just like blogging!

    That's a beautiful picture.

    All the best Jan


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