Sunday, May 19, 2019

Now Who Out There

Weed waked grass around the garden and read a little more about the brain and creativity. Few big words when it came to anatomy of brain. More I read it end I came up with more question. I guess no time soon I will be doing brain surgery.
But I been finding study of brain quite interesting.

Went down to Sandpoint to meet the new form pagan group. Three of Sandpoint local pagan ladies were there.
We meant at Starbucks and one of there workers seem interested in our group. A friend and I went down.
Well two main reason is to offer friendship and invited them up to one of our gathering. I don't want my personal address floating around on facebook, mostly here in North Idaho.
So June first I will he hosting a pagan get together there always something to CELEBRATE
First time I every heard of high magic or it seem to pop on web as CEREMONIAL MAGIC.
My pagan path or I would classify my self as ECLECTIC PAGANISM in simple term a non denominational pagan or sometime known as path walker.
Two things I don't feel comfortable doing in spiritual world is OUIJA BOARD or SEANCE. Simple I don't have the knowledge or background to be in this arena.
Can connect with my guides in form of angles, spirit guides which can be many things, human, animal, elements, planets, and etc.
Not much into deities. But I seem to be pulled to Celtic, Aztec, and African.

Sure hope I didn't scare any of you.
Coffee is on 


  1. You didn't scare me. I don't scare easily and I like the idea of magic being part of our lives.

  2. The brain certainly is an amazing thing isn’t it???

  3. I'm all about a magical life, Dora. :) Not a chance of scaring me.

  4. I wouldn't mess with Ouija boards, either. I don't see them as being particularly helpful.

  5. No, you don't scare me. I started reading about paganism when I was in high school. I've had friends who burn candles and do things with crystals. It's interesting.

  6. The more you know the more you know you need to know.

  7. Not scary at all... a Spiritual Path is deeply personal to each person and I really liked that description of Path Walker... I think many of us could fit that description regardless of our Spiritual Path.

  8. Nope not scared Dora, although I too would stay well away from the ouija board and a seance, no good looking for trouble right 😊

  9. The brain is an amazing organ isn't it, so complex, and very interesting.

    All the best Jan


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