Saturday, May 18, 2019

Might Need to Change it Up a Bit

Been trying to figure how to organize my purse. Well I did change my purse. But I got these single clip hanger things. It gets up and off the table. But it takes up a lot of room.
Confession time...Just got to much stuff. 

Well got your bi yearly letter from Medicaid for personal care givers. Well won't bother you with every little detail of it.
Statement time....there is a difference between institutional care and taking care of someone in there home. 
But medicaid has it set up and looks at everyone  the same. And all of medicaid clientele have exactly the same needs.

Trying to figure out how I can mark off my list and give my self credit of things that I accomplished. One thing I know I do is procrastinate. I say to my self. Well I have this thought like...I only did three things I will wait and mark it off and then when comes to that time. And I still have the thought of later.
I need to come up with a plan. Let say regardless how much I do I need to mark it off and give my self credit.

Friday I was pretty much beat from work and I made up next week bullet journal, May 19 to 25. Like I said I need to make sure I give my self credit and then it will be a good habit.

Started to read Centennial Health....The Secrets of  Creativity and I found this statement some what thought provoking..."We Judge creativity by the magnitude of the response evokes"
One of very first creativity time was telling stories around the campfire during the cave dwellers.
Can see this after a great hunt or gathering. Sit around the fire sharing how ones day went with a few cool adjectives to make more interesting. Or lease your life might sound not as hum drum and boring.
"Insights percolate in the brain before they pop into conscious mind"
The word percolate means to be put though a sieve.
There was brief quiz in the book and it covered 5 areas of mind and creativity. Extroversion, Agreeableness, Conscientious, Emotional Stability, and Openness.
On all five area I was in middle. Not saying I scored exactly same but it was in middle range.

Do you recall the game called KING OF THE HILL I played. But now the metaphor and Hierarchy. Pecking order in life.
Question time...Compare to game of king of the hill where do you like to be in present time? I like to be about two thirds up the hill.
At the button you get dirt and crap toss at you.
On the very top someone(s) is trying to push you down.

Coffee is on


  1. I just got back from vacation and realized I have waaay too much stuff! I do repurpose my old purses tho. If they're not too raggedy I fill them with things that a homeless woman would need and I make sure they get to the homeless women. - As for King of the Hill.. Nope.. You can find me strolling thru the woods, usually alone. :) - Happy Saturday, Dora!

  2. Interesting on is campfire time again!

  3. Set aside a time of day, perhaps just when you are going to bed, and take five minutes to check off everything you did that day. Make two copies of the list and leave one beside your bed. Carry one with you so you can see what you planned to do and what is next.

  4. I also have far too much and want to give a lot away but never find time to do it !

  5. It sure is easy to collect STUFF....

  6. one of my favortie times when I was growing up, were the family males in my aunts living room, telling stories of their childhood. the other children went out to play, I sat with Daddy and listened to his brothers tell tales. now I am wondering how many were embellished each time. I do find creativity percolates in my head. most of my IDEAS come to me while I am brushing my teeth and putting on makeup... they just POP. sometimes one pops in the middle of the night and I write it down. get up and can't read what I wrote.

  7. I think Medicaid officials would learn a lot if they actually spoke to the people who provide care.

  8. Talk about too much stuff. I really have to get to work on it. I have been taking some clothing to the center and they are sending clothing to California for the immigrants who have nothing. But crystals, fantasy animals, and other collection pieces, I hate to say it, some definitely have to go. I guess that is why I put off de-cluttering. I don't want to part with anything.

  9. I like River's thoughts. And, I think we ALL put things off doing. It's just human, don't be too hard on yourself. As scarlet says "afterall, tomorrow's another day".

  10. Yep ~ society created the 'need for things' ~ Too much stuff!

    Happy Day To You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  11. Lately I have been making to-do lists in my (regular) journal with 5 items per day. it seems to be working! I have always wanted to make a bullet that procrastinating....

  12. thank you for your useful info and story...

    Let's drink a cup of coffee

  13. I've never regretted decluttering my things. It gives me more space to appreciate the things that really matter.

    You deserve credit for the things you accomplish. Definitely mark them off in your bullet journal! I love seeing all the little checkmarks in mine.

  14. There are quite a few ways to organize purses. If you find one that works, we'd all love to see it.

  15. I started carrying a smaller purse. Whatever does not fit in it, gets left outside. I usually have an ongoing to-do list and I try to finish at least a couple of them per day, and check them off as soon as I finish them. I am sure you will find a groove and a way that works for you to log them. Bullet Journal sounds like a great idea.


  16. I think to-do lists can be very helpful.

    All the best Jan


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