Friday, May 03, 2019

Beautiful and Creative Number Twenty Seven

Seven cups one might as simple I making the right choice.
This card isn't negative or positive. It about how one makes there choices. Are you looking at all possibility, weighing and measuring the out come. Don't make choices to quickly or do dilly dally around.
When one makes a choice in there life how is going to effect you and those around you. And then what will out come be.

Like to day when I was mowing the lawn I cut off our septic tank pipe. I was in a hurry to get lawn done.

But remember to do a correct reading one needs to consider all the cards. No one can predict the future.

Hopeful next week I will have something other then one of my tarot cards.

Thought I would give a you peak of what I might be posting next Friday. A page from my sketchbook project for the BROOKLYN ART LIBRARY
For more artist stop in at PAINT PARTY FRIDAY

As anyone read above about my mishap in Mowing the yard. But there more sign of spring and warmer days. A few tree is almost ready to leaf out.
For more sky photo of world CLICK HERE


  1. I like your photo.

  2. That's a pretty card. I often made poor choices because I don't think things through enough, but I'm learning to take things more slowly.

  3. I am the person who thinks to much and to long and weighs every decision until I make myself crazy... oops on the mower incident, hope it is repaired now

  4. The mower incident...ugh.

    But I do like your new tarot card.

  5. We use to have a septic tank where we lived and I can't imagine dealing with mowing over a pipe, ugh. Hope it's an easy fix. Tarot card - that's cool. I must own over 10 sets of them i had bought through the years.

  6. Very pretty sky shot. Sorry to hear about your septic pipe!

  7. Oh dang, sorry to hear you hit the septic pipe.

  8. Loved your post--so sorry to hear of your catastrophe! You are inspiring.

  9. Thanks for explaining the tarot card, so true.

  10. So then I wouldn't like that card, as I would want to know if I had made the right choice.

  11. Ahhh sorry about the septic pipe.

  12. hope that tank is fixed by now.

  13. Hello, I like your sketch. The scene and photo is pretty, lovely sky shot.
    Sorry about the tank, I hope the damage was not too bad. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend!

  14. Hope the tank is fixed ok.

    That last picture is lovely.

    All the best Jan


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