Monday, April 15, 2019

Out It Go and Don't Tell Me That

Here in United States except Massachusetts and Maine is holiday and they get to pay there taxes on the 16th.
Well once again I'm sending a check to the UNITED STATES TREASURY and even second check for my quarterly installment, for 2019 tax year.
President Trump had a new tax plan and opinion seem to give the upper income a tax break.
From my facebook post...Tax day. I promise to post if we paid more or less. Between 2017 and 2018 the dollar amount is less. But if you look at as percentage wise we paid more. But all in all I would call it a draw.

I have a thing or hang up in different internet site searches. Actual I been looking though the digitized part of the sketchbook project in Brooklyn New York.
I decided to use word "crazy" to see what sort of sketchbook pop up. The sketch above is out of REICHSTETT a French community.

I'm trying to get movement in my life. There no need to sit in morning and watch hours of news. But I like to keep up on current events. But also I like to hear both liberal and conservative take on subject.
Well today I went to fox news and read two articles one was on Julian Assange and about apples we eat. Then for my liberal take on news I went to Huffington report read something about Tiger Wood and Bio Metrics.

Murphy and I went out for Breakfast at Soul Shine he had breakfast burrito and I had there hash special.
Then walk over to accountant and picked up our tax stuff.
Then we went home and I wrote out two checks one for what is owe for 2018 and made my first quarter installment payment. Then went to our library and got some copies. But as I was at the library

As I was there I ask if they had a two or four hole paper punch. Like me they had a three hole paper punch. I don't really want to purchase one I just don't see my self using one all that much. I'm going to call up a few print shops and see if they could be a help.

Coffee is on


  1. yes, today is the last day to pay tax....
    we always pay more for local tax, but draw for federal tax....

    Have a great day

  2. I am not surprised that the rich will pay less. It is the way of the world it seems. I think the hole punch would be very cheap.

  3. I saw a four hole punch on Amazon for about $10.

  4. Here in Australia, Office Supply shops, like our Officeworks, often have a section of the store where people can get things printed or made to order, maybe a store like that would have a four hole punch and could do your pages for you? Or could you buy A4 size paper already punched with four holes, ready to use in a binder?

  5. I inherited the hole punch I have. You can do any number of punches. Very cool. But I never would have purchased it. I use it maybe twice a year.
    Our taxes were dreadful this year. It's all I will say!

  6. Hello, we do not own a hole puncher. I remember using one when I worked. We had to pay more state taxes due to the changes in the federal tax form. Enjoy your day, have a great week ahead.

  7. i have not used a hole punch in many years, and never owned one. two hole punch at Walmart is under five dollars..

  8. I don't think any tax laws benefit anyone except the wealthy and corporations. I don't think I've ever seen a 4 hole punch. Most likely a printer/print shop would be able to help you.

  9. I am interested in that sketchbook project in Brooklyn, NY. Sounds interesting. Have you tried Amazon for the hole puncher? I seem to find everything there that I can't find elsewhere.

  10. I got mine in earlier this month. Late, but not the latest I've ever gotten them done.

  11. In Canada our taxes are due April 30.

  12. Right you are the tax plan of this administration benefits the rich, those that need a break the least. So many people are suffering because of it, it's sad really. Maybe buying one of those small hand held punches (single punch) would be cheap solution then you could punch as many or as few holes as you need on anything.


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