Saturday, April 20, 2019

Not All Impress and They Can Go Back In Closet

The other day I was looking on Facebook and less then fourth I believe is every post there. But something are worth checking out.
There was an old story from INLANDER about a hate group coming to my home community. Editor note...Although it said Courd'Alene which is about a hair of an hour drive for me. Not sure what happen to this church  Well I don't believe everything I read and did a little research and they have a local ADDRESS
Which is the old John Deere dealership building they had some business which I thought would benefit our community an Army Surplus, Knife and different blades place to be sharpen. But also what I was excited about is possible a variety store BOTTOM DOLLAR.
Been in both the surplus store and the place they sharpen blades, all very nice people. And had small glance about the variety store and what I saw I was impressed.
Statement time...If the business there is supporting hate I won't be spending any money there.

Did mange to get a few chores done and increase my walking distant, now I'm up to fifth power line pole.
Confession time...I'm amazed at my self how let my self get this heavy and out of shape. 

Have to wonder about those who put these sign up and around.
As one can see it an open meadow and If you look careful there is horse in background. But when I first saw it distant I thought it was a grizzly bear and it got my heart rate up a little.

For Easter we're going to my sister in law down in Post Falls.

Coffee is on


  1. Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Enjoy your family today... the horse/grizzly would have jump started my heart also

  3. Lots of times people put up those signs and there are no cameras.

    Also, if I thought I saw a grizzly, my heart rate would go up a bit also.

    Have a great Easter!!

  4. Hope you had a good Easter!

    All the best Jan


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