Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Just A Bite Of Life

Never know what to title these post.
I was down pound this week and I thought I would be up. I've seam to be struggling with getting back on track with my weight lost.
I had a goal to be under 200 by the first quarter of the year and the last day to that was March 31st. But I have to remember the weight I have lost in 2018 well over half I haven't gain back.

I'm toss between to and not to that the question. Brooklyn Library is offering something fun and interesting, CANVAS PARTY. But it looks so much fun and you get to share art of someone in world. Now how cool is that.
Well I have enough creative projects going.
Plus I need to get a few bills under wrap.
Only have little bit to finish up on my one tarot card I been working on, Page of water. I need to add the hen, the page it self and color it in.
I've done a little on my sketchbook project got the edge trim up. In my head I pretty much got lay out for Aries in Pluto and then Taurus in Pluto.
But how to execute the plan could  be something else.
How I'm doing my sketchbook one might even call it historical time piece. Taurus was in Pluto from Civil war and part of RECONSTRUCTION time in our american history. I want to draw something easy that would represent (reconstruction) time in our history. Question time...what symbol or item(s) would represent this time period? 
I been watch the RECONSTRUCTION on Public Televsion

Coffee is on


  1. Reconstruction? A suitcase called a carpet bag. Northerners who came south after the war were called carpetbaggers.

  2. I like songbirds choice of a carpet bag.. about the weight loss, last week we talked about goals. we tend to look at the end result, and should be looking at the daily result. that result being did we eat sensibly or not. if we look at each day and what we did, the weight will come off slowly. I find if I set a goal for what I wanted to lose, it was to hard... just keeping on target each day was my goal.

  3. good luck on that reconstruction theme...hmm.

  4. Oh, I have to resume my training!
    Good thing: Tomorrow I have a brisk walk of 40 minutes to and then fro and Monday even a bit longer.

  5. I need to lose some weight also...

  6. Good luck with your weight loss.

  7. It's so exciting and creative that you're creating your own tarot images. But what an undertaking! It's a great way to deepen your understanding of, and relationship with, the tarot.

  8. You were down a pound so that's good, and as you said if you remember the weight you lost in 2018 well over half you haven't gained back, that's good.
    Keep positive, and I always think warmer months and eating salad weight loss can be easier :)

    All the best Jan

  9. I never know what to title my posts either. That's probably why mine are so bad.

  10. Symbols - the first thing that comes to mind is destruction of the environment.

  11. We've been watching "Reconstruction" too. It's excellent. The first image that comes to mind is the Ku Klux Klan, which eventually succeeded in returning the freed slaves to their former status, although they were still "free." A more hopeful image would be school items--something like books, a ruler, etc--to symbolize the Freedman's Bureau's attempt to provide education to the freed slaves.

  12. Keep up the good work with the weight loss. Every little bit adds up.

  13. In winter we always gain some weight. Now, we are facing spring and summer, and the chance to lose weight.
    What works for me is a daily low-calorie food intake, and a 7-8 hours sleep. Sleep is a great metabolic booster, and when we sleep we don't eat.
    Anyawy, you need to get on the scales daily. My scales are Tanita solar scales; they work both under daylight and artificial light and are quite accurate.
    Well, now you know my secrets:) Good Luck!


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