Tuesday, March 19, 2019

You Know

Yesterday was a good paragraph about rant I have about extremely negative people. Well it time to move on. I said my piece. But if some of you want to read my rant it called "Naw Yes and Possible No" Like I said it time to move on, so no link.

When I got home from work, hubby did a good job with home. Carpets vacuumed, dishes load in dish washer, table and counters clean.
Then as I was coming home he was folding up some whites. And start dinner we had pork chops, fried cabbage in bacon grease and a bake red potato.

Since I'm talking about food. I might as well mention breakfast. I had cream wheat with raisin. Well after weigh in and my meeting with T.O.P.S went down to Under the Sun and had 4 oz of gelato and the flavor was spumoni. Yes I had diary but I took a lactose pill.
For lunch I had beef and bean burrito, one chicken strip, and 4 Jo's Jo's.
Now I need to be honest about my cookies, I ate 6 of them.

I was up pound, and I've been getting in a little more activity. I been walking around buildings.

Clean out my craft box or should I just call it what it became. Confession time...I tossed all my creative supplies in box, even if it had a proper place to go"
Had a feeling that my book WORKING WITH TAROT was in box. I ended up ordering one, and I will give that one to Liz when it comes.
I have enough Tarot book. I would like to get maybe two more on crystal and stone.

But before I get anymore items off of Amazon, I need to take care of our taxes.

Did start on my cover for my sketchbook project. This is first time working with mylar paper. Hopeful I can show it as part of paint party friday.

Don't ask why or how I found this site called WHAT YOUR FORHEAD SAYS ABOUT YOU  My forehead leans to the board side. I usual wear bangs. And slightly and M shape forhead.

Coffee is on


  1. Jo's Jo's? What is that? Google said it´s a nail-design-studio, huhhh ;-)

  2. Dinner sounds good ... I’ve been eating too many cookies lately, too.

  3. Your dinner sounds so yummy. Mmmm. Cabbage fried in bacon grease. Haven't had that in a long, long time. I've been secretly hitting the Easter candy. Just can't get enough of those marshmallow eggs. Weigh in in two weeks so I'd best start watching it. Must stay out of the stores. No willpower.

  4. i have been at TOPS for 2 years and it never gets easier, a struggle every day. I think extreme positive bothers me more than extreme negative..

  5. What your forehead says about you? That sounds scarily close to eugenics.

  6. Dinner with pork chops and cabbage sounds good to me.

    All the best Jan


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