Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Need practice As We Do

One of my cousin who in prison for a while. I won't go into details and don't know when I will or every will. It could come into a rant.
I communicated with him by letters.

Well he practice his art about two hours a day. I don't practice any thing at two hour. Maybe if I did things could get accomplish.
One thing I want to do is finish up my knight of pentacles. I think my horses look funky. This time I'm putting a mule in this card. My knight will be working with a mule.
I want to get start on my sketchbook project. Although not sure which order it will done. But I know which order I will put together.

Paid bills, thankful to have money for them. Order a APOPHYLLITE  for Liz and one other rock for my self SODALITE
But also I got my self to charms, a set of oars and a lantern.
Statement time I need to stay off of amazon.
We got some bills coming in.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I take part in a few fun meme then on Friday anther around of meme fun.
Sure hope to get chance and things work out that I can take part in.

Coffee is on 


  1. Your photo is oversized and takes the whole blog, so it's difficult to see something except the head ! Hopefully he learns something in prison : to never go back !

  2. If only we all had time to practice something two hours a day.

  3. Good luck drawing your mule. I'm hopeless at drawing animals, or anything else really. I can draw a box. And a circle.


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