Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Been Creeping Up

Weigh in today and last few times I've gain. Even today I was up. Not much a quarter to half of pound but it all adds up.
By the end of March my goal weight was to be 197.25 and now I just want to be at 199.75 by the last weigh in March.
So I will need to loose next three meetings. And a little over a pound each weigh in.
I been getting my water goal in. But being so cold and walking been non existing. But when I park my rig I try to park as far as I can so my steps can add up. When I'm in a store I try to mange to get a few extra steps in.

Well tomorrow I'm taking Liz out and we're doing thrift store. Each of us will be listing five items for the other to find. Can't go over $15.00, so that three dollars and item.
Total clueless what her will be, but here my list for her
1...Necklace 22 to 18 inches It only needs these four colors brown, yellow, red, and blue....no more or less.
2...Something for my bone box that represents "foolishness" needs to be less then three inches and non breakable.
3...Set your timer/ cell phone for 10 minutes wonder about the store once the timer goes off and find me something in less 2 minutes that I would like.
4...Something that collapse.
5....An item that I could use for my sketchbook project, for my Leo in Pluto page. Using any of these three words or any combination "Egotistical, Transformation, and or sincere.

The repair people came out and fixed our gas furnace. Well we had trouble before that one lines gets blocked with guck and now Murphy knows what to do. And I need to also learn what to do.
Before next winter and I mean next winter the one after Oct of 2019 we need purchase a cord of fire wood. I like to have back up for heat. 

Mange to take a few coats in to thrift store and looked into one bags in the closet, full of jeans and at one time I thought of making jean purse. Most of my projects are dreams. The only thing I can say is "darn job and needing money to live on"

Coffee is on


  1. I wrote a comment ..then it disappeared..Darn IPad. Enjoyed hearing about your thrift store escapades.....and I share your pain with weight creeping back up. I worked so hard to lose 10 and it is creeping back up two pounds at a time. Thanks for the visit. janey

  2. My weight has been creeping up too. It’s hard to stay on track in cold weather.

  3. My weight has been creeping up as well. I know what's going on and should be able to handle it, but seems I haven't had the fight in me. Cold weather, back pain, inability to get out, no walking...lots of food. Adds up to a weight gain. Really have to get back on track.

  4. Thrift store challenges? That could totally be a game show.

  5. Interesting list of things to find in a thrift store. There's a lot of things that could represent foolishness. I think a necklace with the right length and right colours might be tricky.

  6. … hope the shopping goes well.

    All the best Jan


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