Friday, March 29, 2019

Beautiful and Creative Meme Twenty Three

It seem some time creative detail are moving slowly. I keep changing the lay out for my sketchbook project in New York.
Well it actual been a while since I been working on my tarot cards, it slow going. Work and life takes up time.

This is my version of the Hermit card.
Three positive things...solitude, self reflection, and introspection.
Three negative things....With drawing, sadness, and exile
Usual the hermit card to me is a lonely looking ragged old man. Since I enjoy my own company and it important for my own  mental well being, I need time with my own thoughts. I guess it's part of being an introvert.
No one can predict the future and a reading of cards is what else is laid with it.

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Been getting out and taking more walks. Lot more places in our area has open up. The other day I went down to doggy park. And walked the road.

Today I did a short jaunt around Regis place. Had to do a few steps out away and got picture of a field. Not sure which dist field this is. It looking North toward Marx subdivision
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Coffee is on


  1. It looks very dry in your photos.

  2. Walking is good. Enjoy. Luv your little card enjoyi g the solitude

    Happy you dropped by my blog

    Much 👩‍🎨love

  3. a delightful sketch - love soaking in a tub on occasion. How nice for the weather to allow for such lovely walks again too! Happy PPF!

  4. Nice tarot card, I like it.

  5. I like the pictures you took.

  6. Nice photos, I also enjoy your tarot cards although I do not understand them.

  7. Looks like spring is finally starting to spring up there.

  8. Beautiful scenery! Looks lije Spring has arrived!! I, too, like solitude.

  9. Beautiful scenery! Looks lije Spring has arrived!! I, too, like solitude.

  10. Beautiful scenery! Looks lije Spring has arrived!! I, too, like solitude.

  11. I like your idea for the Hermit. Solitude, self-reflection and introspection. We all need that at times.

  12. It is I tersting how solitude can be good and bad. But I guess everything in life is really like that.

  13. I would love to be a hermit. Love the card and the photos.

  14. Lovely place, I also enjoy walking and just observing nature ☺ I would love to follow your blog, but I can't see any button for this purpose. Have a lovely weekend☺

  15. Beautiful scenery with some snow capped mountains. Alana

  16. That is definitely a different Hermit. Cool.


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