Thursday, February 28, 2019

Slightly An Over Load

Things got toss around a bit yesterday. I thought I was heading to Coeur d' Alene for Liz appointment and they call and cancel.
So afterward we, which includes Regis was going shopping at Good Will down there.
Well Liz reschedule for the following week.

Then I took Regis down to Sandpoint. We went to Wal mart, Game Store, and Good Will.
Regis at times...I get irradiated at his behavior, that it all most could be hilarious.
Usual when I go into thrift store of any kind. I would say my purchase there would be of frivolous.

For my self I only purchase two items. One was loom and the other were some paper twist. As I was purchasing my items.
Which Regis saw me doing and quickly came up from the back of store. Ask me if I could purchase his frivolous items, just like mine.
It was as I was finishing up my purchase and I was pulling out my debt card.
I told him no, that my purchase was done.
That I was heading out to car. So in a short time Regis came out, with items that he want me to purchase.
Although not sure if he bought them out right out or found some other push over to get them for him.
All of his items were frivolous items just like mine.

As for what I want to do with my items above.
The paper twist I will be using it for my witches ladder. The loom, well it something I always want to try is using a loom.
I find those Navajo rugs and blanket so beautiful.

Well last night I trim up my paper to replace the paper in my sketch book that is part Brooklyn ART LIBRARY
The paper in it is pretty poor quality. I would call it basic typing paper.
But I need to finish the corners on paper. There square and I need to edge them off some how.

One of the pages I will be using a tape measure. Although I believe I will be using my yellow one, since I will be cutting it down to size.
Yellow would show up better on white paper.

Well found a different purse at thrift store and little pouch thing. The pouch item I will be hooking it to out side of it. But need to find a hook like thing to hook it on with.
In little bag I want to add a few crystals.

It seem I keep falling off the wagon when it comes to my weight lost. Although I will get on regular grove when it comes to weight lost. These last few days seem to be a little rough.
I haven't put on my fit bit zip to keep track of my steps.

Well shortly I'm on my way to the doctor for my yearly physical.

Coffee is on


  1. Nothing wrong with a little frivolous spending. It's what keeps our economy flowing.

  2. I'm off the wagon with weight loss too, but I think I can change that once the heat wave is over.
    I really like that little loom and may look for one around here. I'll print the picture so I can take it around the thrift shops.

  3. A cute purse, sometimes you need to treat yourself :-)

  4. Always fun shopping at the thrift store!

  5. Wow! Some great finds Dora! I am SO jealous of your loom. I've wanted one forever. When I come back from vacation I've got quite a few crafty things to tick off my list. Love that handbag and zipper pouch too. :)

  6. Oh, gosh, how I know how easy it is to spend money. Every month I say this is the month I save, and every month something shows up that I just have to have. You got some good buys there. I would love a loom like that.

  7. Thrift stores are fun. Glad you found some nice things.


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