Monday, January 21, 2019

It Was Asked

Over on my facebook page I ask a question and you can ask on any social media. Question time...Do you promote your self personally, your ideals, or little bit of both.
My answer would be both and hopeful I try to take balance approach on social media.
Confession time...I have trouble or don't know what to say when anyone leans or heavily on one subject and never varies off of.

Yestderday I did a short VLOG and I'm afraid that I might of came across that the fabric I shown might of be the only one I will be using in item I will be making for my you tube give away.
Well it's not.
It's a multi color and cotton fabrics I will be using. I just don't want to give it away but I'm willing to share anthor piece of fabric.

Before I went to work I decided to take walk though the alleys of Bonners Ferry. There one alley I didn't do because of snow on road way.

Like all communties and doesn't matter the size we also have a house shortage for lower income. But there used to be apartments in lot of town down building in Bonners Ferry and lot now looked vaccant. Not sure if window is missing od someone just left it open.
Although not sure what the condition of these building are.

Not sure or maybe it glare. That the alley look so long. But none of alley are all that long.
These building are lot shorter. I believe they all have business in them.

It seem most of the tranformers to business are placed in alley way. In stead of out front of the businesses.

Made it work. Nothing excitting. Picked up kitchen, went shopping and scub toilet. Made sure client had all of his needs ment.


  1. I am the same as you - I think I do a bit both.

  2. Low income housing is in short supply here, too. It’s an embarrassment that the so-called richest nation in the world treats its neediest citizens so poorly.

  3. I don't do facebook or other social media, only blogs, but when I read a blog and it is always the same thing over and over, I stop reading that one.

  4. songbird just put it right. How long will this go on?

  5. hari OM
    Such housing is in short supply EVERYWHERE - UK has a real crisis. It's just crazy.

    I am like you, a bit of me, a bit of my philosophy... and a bit of randomness. I have been told by others that they can neve be sure what they are going to get when they open my blog - even though I have three days that are 'themed'! YAM xx

  6. Ditto as above, low income housing is in shortage everywhere. I saw your vlog on YouTube last night Dora ✨

  7. Sounds like you've been very busy. And right you are on shortage of housing for lower income. Sad. Next step is often homeless.
    Sandy's Space

  8. I look at social media more than write anything there. Well, the occasional picture on Instagram. Although, blogging is social media, too.

  9. Yes, such housing is in short supply everywhere, we need more here in the UK too.

    All the best Jan


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