Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Should Be And I Know Better

I need and no I should be more active. It plain and simple I been procrastinate about taking walks. Well I did mange to get a small walk.
I end parking on the back parking lot at Regis. So when I left I walk down the road and around the building to get a few extra steps in.
I took a short walk down our road and down the hill a bit.
Weigh in at T.O.P.S I've maintain the same weight for last two times. I've been working on loosing 20 pounds for year.
It been a half a year and I'm down 10 pounds. But I seem I can't get going on next five pounds. I want to be down anther 5 pounds by September.

I got invited to a LAMMAS celebration and there planning to have FUNERAL GAMES  But I have to wonder in today world what type of games they will play. They're planning five of them.
The celebration is in CLAYTON WASHINGTON

I pagan circle we have four elements we work with and any of these spiritual part of life we all have or can grow.
Earth element represent the north. It falls in line of stability, fertility, growth, and healing.
We all deal in a our life time cycle of life.birth, life, death and rebirth.
 It most ultimate feminine
Air element represent the east. Changes, ideal, communications. Just think how the wind brings in storms and also remove them.
Fire elements represent the south. creativity, passion, Fire can also clear out the old and one need to be careful that they don't destroy something is a value to them.
Water elements represent the west emotion, intuition. Sometime we need to deal with our emotion baggage before we move on and is aloud to grow.
emotion makes us who we are. Both negative and positive ones.
The four elements in paganism helps us though our life.

Coffee is on


  1. I'm a water element. I think I've dealt pretty well with most of my emotional baggage, I'm happy 99% of the time.

  2. Those four elements pop up just about everywhere. Of course, that's because they are so firmly embedded in our culture.

  3. I also need to be more active. But I have no will power. I am going to the beach for three days with my granddaughter next week, s there will be lots of swimming, and sand castle building!

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