Saturday, July 07, 2018

Now I Believe It Day Seven

Little behind on the Ultra Blog Challenge, So I missed two days. Sky didn't part and angels didn't blow there horn. Last two days the sun came up in east and set in west.
All is good.

I guess I will make this a hodge podge post, as there a little of this and that though out my day. But mostly on paganism.

Got all of my stuff from Amazon. Almost complete bucket of rocks to paint. I'm taking them down to our pagan group camp out this up coming weekend.
As for a work shop we will be making WANDS which could be looked also as royalty SCEPTRE. Then there two other possible way of looking at as STAFF OF MOSES or AARON ROD.
The type of wood you use will make a different. there pagans who have multi wands. Made from different types of WOODS and the two main type of wood we will be using is birch and maple. But some one might bring in different woods.

Not long ago some ask me if I was raise pagan. My parents gave me complete religious freedom. I attend many churches, mostly Christians and when I lived in the Opportunity Washington I went to the female youth group at the BEREANS.
And then my parents moved and being 14 I also end up moving. I then usual attend the catholic church and was fascinated by there Saints.
Also there were other churches I have attend though out my life. I even been to Buddhist service. Three religious service I would like to attend is HINDUJUDAISM, and MUSLIM
If there UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM church in my neck of woods. Is a religion I would attend on weekly bases

Today we ran though the circle which will be held the last day of our camp out. We're doing a circles in a circles.
We're doing a royal court sit up. So there a place for the Pages, Knights, Queen, and King. Then also we will be the elements.
Anther day and time I can explain the court and elements.

But there the boring part of life. Murphy and I mowed our lawn. And for dinner we had pickled beets, oven fries, and steak done on the barbecue.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    Funny you should mention the Unitarian faith. On my recent trip, I visited a meeting house for its architectural interest, but also learned something of the Unitarian philosophy and found that it would merge well with my Vedanta (Hindu philosophy)... well, to be fair, all philosophies tie together in their ultimate phase, but it comes down to there having to be various levels and approaches so that all can find their way in life and spirit... YAM xx

  2. You’re welcome at my synagogue anytime

  3. I have studied almost all religions. What I came up with is that God and I have an understanding and I am happy with that. Just finished my first cup of coffee and think another one would be a good thing.

  4. Love your potluck post, it was a fun and informative read. About following your parents when they moved, funny how that works. Kids are not given an option, but most often we move when our parents do. Usually it works out well. Last move I made with my parents put me in a position to meet and marry my husband. Not a bad move, even if I did make it under protest.

  5. Your paganism posts are interesting. I know so little of it.

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