Sunday, June 03, 2018

Now It's June

Finely got my sleep pattern back. Friday in our local pagan group we cover PAST LIVES at some time I will take it on.
So the four of us went over to brewery and had bite to eat. For some reason I couldn't fall asleep. So all day Saturday I was on automatic.
If I keep my red meat and dairy in check my digestion seem to be on better terms.

Murphy and went to Ponderay to get a few items. He thought we could use a grass trimmer and leaf blower.
Not sure if it more of need or a want.

Then for my self I got a water gage and new hummingbird feeder. Well Murphy liked the shape of the  feeder.
Wonder now if they head up to higher elevation to build a nest.
Time will tell. If there up in higher elevation, they will stop back as there heading south.
The other thing we got was parsnip seeds

Wash some sheets I got from one local thrift store. The ones I'm using for a crochet rag rug. Well I thought I had all, little later on I found anther one.
Did up my monthly bullet journal up and weekly. Thursday I will take a few photos and post on my blog.

My daughter in law send me a few doggie SCARF . I'll be taking it to Regis speech therapist. His dog name is Buddy.

Then on local pagan group I did brief posting explaining our rising sign or ascendant signs. Most people and including my self will read our horoscope in local paper, including my self.
Well our rising sign represent how other see us, your general impression on people, and your spontaneous reaction.
Confession time...In general I'm not very spontaneous person. I like my ducks in roll.

This summer next month our pagan group is hosting a summer camp out in July. Well we're doing a few crafts project.
Since some will be coming in Friday afternoon. I and maybe some other will help me sit up station for rock painting.
Then Saturday the other two project will to make crowns and wands.
Sort of look at supplies and made some mental notes. Budget is $35.
I need to get wire around 20 gauge, pony beads. and other supplies. I need to make a list what is needed for the project.
Yesterday Murphy and I trim some dead off of one of vine maples and got some stick for the wands and to get some little odds and ends that can be put on the wands.

Actual some wands are pretty fancy and some aren't.
More Info on the WANDS and the type of wood one use in wands will make a different. Maple represents... A peaceful wood used for purity and healing. Seeks a strong, devoted companion who cares for others. Excellent for cleansing spells. Maple reveals the options - even those that are hidden in plain sight - which lay  before you.  It enables you to make sound choices rather than rely on blind luck. 

Coffee is on


  1. Crikey Aunt Dora ..... you sure have been busy, aye?? I'm glad you got your sleep pattern back. I LOVE to sleep. I would hate to lose my sleep pattern.

  2. Good to hear your got your sleep pattern back. It's so important to your health.

  3. So envious of your craft ability

  4. Sleep... such a difficult thing for me.
    The feeder looks good, hope guests arrive soon :-)

  5. That last picture is a very pretty wand. I like the bird feeder. I can't put one where I live, all the birds around here are big ones, like crows and magpies.

  6. Hari OM
    Meanwhile, my sleep is all over the place - self induced, it must be confessed. It'll come right again. Love those painted wands. YAM xx

  7. Even though I have so much on my mind, I have been sleeping like a log. I'm going to bed before 9:30 every night and sleeping until 6:30. Not sure why. Usually I am not a good sleeper. But I have just been so tired.
    Love the wants! That fancy one is amazing!

  8. You have been busy Dora, I'm surprised that you are having a hard time getting to sleep, I would think you would be exhausted! Love the wands and the birdfeeder too.. maybe we will soon see some little birds here ✨

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