Saturday, May 26, 2018

Some Gone Some Not

Been going though my likes on my facebook and delete quite a few of them. There were some old blogs I connected though facebook, and haven't visited them in ages. So I been visiting them to see if they been active or not.
If they look dead as dead can be. I delete them. But those who look might be breathing on one lung I add them to my coffee drinker list.
Then those who haven't had any action in three months or more. I delete them.
The other day I took last little bit out of dishes in one the boxes and took it to local thrift store. Still a little more to go.

Off to see the ARABIAN HORSE show tomorrow  in Spokane and also going on is there a dog show going on at the same place.
I wasn't going to take camera until I got a usb cord for it. But this I can make special case.

One thing I'm not sure what a HDMI port. Not sure how a usb cord and Sandisk card works. But it got to be better then open and closes it.

Still having issue with my car. Had to take it back to the shop. It was yesterday and told them I would stop in and pick it up.
Hubby and I went in, so I could get it. Well it made the selnoid clinking sounds once again. Well this shop is MENNONITES place of business.
There several sect of them in this area.
Well on Saturday they close at two in the afternoon and don't work on Sunday it there sabath.
So I told them I will stop in Tuesday or Wednesday.
Our new neighbor are mennonites. One couldn't ask for a better neighbors.
They don't push there faith on to you.

Yesterday a few from our pagan group ment at MUGSY and it been long time since I actual had a cocktail drink. I believe the last time I order actual hard drinking. I paid $2.00 and my Bloody Maria was $6.00.
Business we took care of our summer camp out. And the fall PAGAN PRIDE

Coffee is on


  1. Just using the computer USB port, plug the camera in and if you are using a late Windows operating system, you should get a pop up box asking what you want to do. Click the box and select something like download photos. I should think it is a similar process for most recents systems.

  2. What Andrew said. With my camera, I plug the cord into the camera, into the laptop, then push the button on the camera which allows you to view the phaotos already taken, the screen on the camera then shows 'usb' and the pop up on the laptop asks you what you want to do and I select "Import pictures", the laptop puts the pictures into dated folders according to when the photos were taken.

    1. I have windows 10 and the pop up now is a tiny one down on the right hand bottom corner that says "click here to select what to do..." but it doesn't stay long so you have to spot it and click fairly quickly.

  3. Hari OM
    Andrew and river had told you rightly - all it is, once the USB is linked to the laptop, is the same as if you put the SD card in directly...

    HDMI is the output if you take video and want to show it directly to your television (which will have a corresponding port at the back - if it was made within last ten years). YAM xx

  4. I have several Mennonite friends and they are such good people. I have such respect for them, and the families I have known have such good children as well.

  5. Sounds like you've been spring cleaning in cyberspace!

  6. I use an adapter and save my pics every day after my card broke on holiday. WITHOUT having saved...

  7. Sounds like you've already got answers to your pictures question. I love the HDMI connection when I'm at school. I can plug in the computer to the projector and have everything play.

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  9. I'm still very much alive and kicking! :D


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