Friday, May 18, 2018

Now Some Good Then There's Other

Now I wish or I could make my life I little more balance. Work we went fairly smooth. Only thing I had a trouble with trying to get hold of Regis phone company and to let his bank information has change.
We're both lost and it almost like we need a five year to get us though it.

I struggle with my walking. My goal is to get 7,500 steps in a day and never came close. Today I walk around a bigger block in town. So I park at United Methodist and walk in front of Baptist church. And around Catholic church which is be re-build the old one is burn down, arson. Looks like it coming along nicely.
I may even attend a service there.

After work I went over to my friend place. Her and I started the local pagan group, Spairfiterea. We both had life event and our pagan got stuck in closet.
So we pulled it out and but both of us our still fairly busy and doing a light version of our pagan stuff, a lease for while.
We both work.
So end of May we will be going live and we will be covering "our emotion from our past life"
But on the 3rd we going to combine our social day with our studying "To ride a sliver broom sticks"
Then we might go to Spokane for Moon Lake Gathering presentation. Although not sure what subject matter might be or not.
Last year we held our summer solstice and neighboring pagans came from a 100 mile radius. And this year we will be doing the same.
I present my ideal of doing a CIRCLE which is having the royal court. Not boring you at this time about it. I'll be the queen of wands, which represent new ideal, change. Just think of how wind bring in and out of storm. Shake up things a bit.
Our circle is our worship service. To me circle should be fun. We're entertaining the gods and goddess. No need for them to be board.

Not sure what all I will be doing in the morning. But I forgot to pick up Regis med and I know that will be one thing I will be doing.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    Not every day has to be full, neither need every day be fallow... we all find ways to move forward. YAM xx

  2. Your Circle sounds interesting

  3. Oh, the work life balance is a tough thing for me too - got a post coming up one of these days about how I need to do better at it...if I can ever find the time to write it (and there's the problem right there, right?)

    Thanks for stopping by Frogma!


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