Thursday, May 10, 2018

Now I Did It Again

This post should start out in a diary form....Dear Ms Ear. I feel like complete idiot for loosing my zip bit. I was sitting on Regis couch at work. And is couch when you sit on it, and it pushes your hip forward. And if things aren't push deeply in your pant pocket it falls out.
Well I'm 98% sure it falls out and now I can't fine it.
I lost my camera and now my fit bit zip.
Confession time...I feel so angry at my self which makes me a little depress. Little I use the fit bit I found it a necessary thing for getting my self on the way to healthier me.

Well back to work tomorrow and I will put in quite bit of time cleaning. And hopeful it shows up. Confession time...I feel like I don't deserve any thing nice.

Murphy stop in as I was at work. Well he was at Safeway getting some items and when he came up the right rear tire was flat.
So Regis does live close to Safeway and walked over. So my clients are pretty good and they let me take my hubby over to Les Schwab tires and made arrangement for them to come and air up the tire, so he can drive it to the tire place. Well it had a small hole in tire.

Then he and I went to MOOSE VALLEY FARM and got a few veggies. We're cutting the garden way down.
No more flower beds since I work out still. I don't have time to do much and I hardly keep up the ones I have.
I notice Murphy weed around the white lilac bush. I need to thank him.
But retirement is coming and them I can have time to be more creative and expressive.
Actual planning to get one flowering plant, which will be a geranuim
Retirement for me is 5 years, and 9 months. Haven't figure the weeks, days, hours or second. 

Waiting for whites to dry.

Coffee is on


  1. I’m confident you’ll find it.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh I do hope you do... I know what you mean about feeling silly and being 'self angry'... try not to do that to yourself though, Dora. it only makes us 'blind' somehow and we can pass the thing we're looking for so many times as a result. I do it in the kitchen and office all the time!!! YAM xx

  3. There's a fine line between feeling you don't deserve something nice and recognising that we don't really need a lot. I think we all deserve good health (mental and physical) and the rest is all fluff. ;-)

  4. My second husband always feels like he doesn't deserve nice things, it took me three years of talking to get him to buy new socks and shoes, not secondhand ones.
    I hope you find your fitbit.

  5. Good luck finding the Fitbit. I hope it turns up. Tear that couch apart :)

  6. Oh no! I hope you find your Fitbit! We used to have a Safeway down here and I remember getting stamp books to get free dishes. :)

  7. I will go out and buy anything for my husband, daughter, grandchildren, etc. But for myself, it must always be on sale or I won't buy it! Yesterday I stopped in at the Talbots Outlet store because they were having a huge sale. I was so happy. Three pretty blouses for under $40.00! But I ask myself, why do we always put ourselves last? I am still trying to figure that one out!


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