Sunday, May 20, 2018

Nothing In Concrete Galoshes

One of the thing I've been doing was going though my facebook page were my likes. I already took out some of my likes. Not many and not sure how many I will eventually take out. Right now I have over 1,300 likes. Not even sure who and what these likes are even all about.
Even if I don't want to. I'm keeping my elected official pages. One should keep up on current and how our elected official are doing. Keeping in touch with them is important.
Even usual they don't support my thinking.

It been a couple of week since I done anything with my bullet journal. The funny or should I say strange.
But it time to do fact. Statement time....I write down my goals and or plan. But don't record my accomplished.
Been told that if one write down there GOALS one have a large chance of achieving them.

Goals were some what less then usual for week. Not going in to it all. But working on my crochet rug, haul more to the thrift store, and gardening.
I did mange to get some of the grass cut out of flowerbed below my window.

Murphy rotille the south side of our garden, which will be where we put the vine crops.
But we need to take the car to the shop and have starter solenoid put in.
So I will drive the car in and he will drive the pick up in. Drop the car at the shop and on the way home stop at the store.
Then I will drive the pick up to work.

For strange reason I'm craving either mustard green or collard green that I can even taste it.

Coffee is on


  1. It’s a pain in the neck to service your car, isn’t it?

  2. I have a Facebook page but only to see my friend's pages. I seldom publish something. I don't know how it really works I am member of the Facebook page of my town that's fun.

  3. Hari OM
    My car is up next month... sigh... writing the goals down causes us to have to face the fact that they have not yet been achieved hence there is more likelihood we strive for them. Kinda...

    Dark leafy greens are important for calcium and iron - also good for the gut, so perhaps your body is telling you the 'medicine' it needs? YAM xx

  4. I agree with Yamini, if you are craving something, it's what your body needs.
    Concrete galoshes?

  5. I have both a Facebook page and Blog. The FB Page is sort of for updates, but i have also linked my blog there, so people will go over and check out what I've written.
    I also get a hankering for different foods. Sometimes it's for a certain cut of beef or fish, and almost always eggplant, which is my favorite vegetable! Got my second cup of coffee going and I'm ready to roll!

  6. I follow my electeds on FB and Twitter. It makes it really easy to see what they're voting on and what's important to them. At least I agree with them. That's very nice.

  7. I know what you mean. I have a lot of ideas but I don't always accomplish them - even if I write them down.

  8. i love mustard greens! Now I am craving them too!


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