Wednesday, May 02, 2018

April Check In 2018

Each month I like to check with my self how I did and sort of what happen. Each month I copy and paste some of my blog post into WATSON PERSONALITY INSIGHT.
You are restrained and particular.
You are philosophical: you are open to and intrigued by new ideas and love to explore them. You are independent: you have a strong desire to have time to yourself. And you are solemn: you are generally serious and do not joke much.
Your choices are driven by a desire for organization.
You are relatively unconcerned with achieving success: you make decisions with little regard for how they show off your talents. You value independence a bit more: you like to set your own goals to decide how to best achieve them.

But a few other numbers they gave me, Values...Helping others at 67% and Stimulation at 71%

Actual I made my walking steps of 5,000 and will increase it up to 7,500 for May.until I
My daily average steps was 5,365 and I figure 2,000 steps to a mile. So that average out 2.75 miles.

Now many of you know I start to do FITDAY which helps me keep track of my foods and activities.
I only done it it little over week and I feel it doesn't give me an honest break down. So I believe next month report I can look at more objectively.

It finely warm up a bit here in North Idaho.
The warmest day was on the 28th and it got up to 73 (22)
The coldest day was on the 1st and the 3rd, down to 27 (2.7)
Average high 53 (11.6) Average low is 37 ( 2.7)

Editor note...I will be gone to Oregon visiting my son and daughter in law. I doubt I will blog when I'm visiting. Will start up once I return.

Coffee is on


  1. Have a great trip.

  2. Have a great trip, loads of fun and keep the walking up :-)

  3. Glad it's warming up. Idaho and spring time is always a battle between hot and cold. Mother nature is so undecided this time of year. Have a great trip.

  4. Hello I found you again via Facebook haven't read your blog in many years. It was good too see you on there so that I can come back here and catch up.


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