Sunday, April 15, 2018

WWW Doesn't Always Stand for Wide World Web

We put a peek hole off our kitchen door. I hear and see they have those fancy ones to hook to your smart phone or computer device. But for under $5 this will work just fine.
I thought it might be interesting to put camera lens up to it and take a photo.

Still working on the bed room, not as hard as I did yesterday. My left side on my lower back is hurting.
I've work with plenty of people who has pain issues. Not saying I'm anti or pro pain medication. But when waking I notice if one waits 15 minutes before taking pain meds. There time the pain will slowly subdue. I woke up at 8 to 9 in pain. I would say maybe a little longer then 15 minute pain level was decreasing. No it not all gone, but I'm at 5 or 6.

About every hour or so I walk around the yard, which help decrease the pain level. check flower beds out. Finely a few flowers are showing there colors

As for my cleaning project I was looking at the book case or so called. In all honesty I want to get rid of it.
But not sure were the books and such should go. Or which one to keep...See which one to keep or get rid of...One of those which question.

I found an app I want to try. Well I don't think there a lot of wants I actual need. But I found this app doing genealogy called WE'RE RELATED and so far I can't get it to work.
If there was a charge for it I wouldn't even try. But I know I'm related to a few shady people in history.

When it comes to techie stuff. When I try something usual my statement is "How" and "Why"

SUNDAY MORNING  is a show I like. And there was over money. One thing I have "wonder" like lot of thing. Is our relationship with it.
I guess the truth to be said. One can't live with out it.
Being on HENDONIC TREADMILL isn't and won't solve any troubles in one life. Blowing money on object will only temporary put bandage on your issues.
But I been working on my Hendonic down fall of emotional eating. A lease I know now when it happen and I put in two possible plans when it happen.
1...wait a certain amount time before I eat...let say 15 minutes
2....Have amount or measure of how much one will eat.
I'm sure there more tools one can use for our hendonic down falls.

It time for me to walk again

Coffee is on


  1. I’ve got low back issues, too. Doctor didn’t give me pain meds. Instead he told me to do stretching exercises to strengthen my core. The one he thought was best? Lie on your back, knees bent, feet on the floor. Pull your right knee to you chest, hold, then put your foot back on the floor. Repeat with the left knee. Do this 10 times. It should help.

    1. Every day except Sat and Sun I do my morning stretch.

  2. hari OM
    Songbird beat me to it - that's the stretch I was going to mention; use it myself and it does help...trouble is, I have whole-spine issues and walking helps to a point, then it becomes horrid. Firm bed, firm chair... YAM xx

    1. The doctor visit say walking does help our digestion system. Usual when you take a doggie for a walk he stop and does his business....I also do my stretch

  3. I find I avoid pain medication way too much. Many times I should just take it. Because then it helps so much.

  4. I have found that taking less pain medication my pain levels have fallen. I have been doing work to help this. But some days, like today, I have to take something. But I take less and they work better.
    Yes emotional eating is my problem. I’ve cut right back and lost lots of weight.
    It’s all baby steps and small changes are easiest to achieve and maintain

  5. The genealogy app sounds interesting. I will take a look at.


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