Sunday, April 22, 2018

Take Mental Note

Hubby and I drove down to Spokane and usual I drove and this time he did most of the driving. So I can enjoy scenery.
As the trip to Spokane I keep thinking to my self "Take a mental note" Well I look at trees and nothing with leaf yet, but notice a few trees starting to real show some green bud.

Not much planning I try to take Trent ave into Spokane. Well that were the industry area in Spokane is and was.
Quite a few empty buildings. I wonder why they don't turn them into some low income housing. I know it wouldn't be the grandest area.
But bit a little time and effect in place. It could be come someone cozy little places.
Opinion time...It better get someone a hand up then slap down.

Well before we got to the airport to get Qunella. Murphy and I stop at a Chinese Restaurant. Then close to Airport in Spokane is Air Heights and stop at Walmart. I got my self a analog watch with big numbers.
So I can see the time. My car don't have a clock in it, and I need to get my client to there appointment.
But also I stop and looked at some camera in there.

Now for the wait at airport, see her flight was an hour late getting in. So I sat and watch people go though the TSA.
I recall people would dress to fly. Now it more causal to fly.
But I did notice a few ladies were wearing wedge heals. And all sort of fun looking sneakers.

I'm guessing I miss all sort of mental notes

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    Some good observations though, Dora. Funny what you say about the air travel; I noticed that last few times. I still like to dress, but mostly it's slacks or track pants and baggy shirts. YAM xx

  2. Casual clothes are better for flying, something loose fitting so your feet have room to swell a bit and you don't get uncomfortable with the changes in air pressure; may people sleep on a flight anyway and good clothes get too rumpled.

  3. Our world has changed so much. It used to be we'd dress up to go anywhere. (Before my time.) I like being comfortable, and I don't think I'm the only one.

  4. I think when travelling it's important to be comfortable ...

    All the best Jan


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