Friday, April 06, 2018

Pigion Holes

Not coming across as a conspiracy theorist. Or not trying to. But a lot of things we do on line could possible PIGEONHOLE us into certain clean define boxes.
Not sure who does Facebook or any other social media. I have to wonder if some one search a recipe for "chicken noodle soup" which political category they would be toss in.

Murphy did uncover some of items in garden we want to hold over until spring. Two of our artichokes made it.
And we still have spinach to uncover.
For some unknown reason and possible gods and goddess might know why winter around here seem to be hanging around.

It Friday and end of my work week. Off to Montana tomorrow  afternoon, to celebrate grand daughter Claudia 2nd birthday.
Not sure what's going on at work. I know around Regis toilet floor needs to be clean, which won't take much time to do.
And hopeful I can get Liz out to look for a rig. I bought my rig though a car insurance auction and I believe she could possible fine something.
Around here public trans portion is pretty much non existence. So having a rig is pretty much a must.
The only thing I've done as home chores is vacuumed, swept, wipe the counters, and put the dishes away.
Once I get my sock and shoes on grab a sack of items to take to the thrift store. I'll be on my way to work.

But I have to wonder if your blog puts into a political or what every possible category. I consider my blog a hodge podge of things. I believe I cover a large variety of subject.
And post my feeling or opinion on them.
Now I wonder how our where abouts, type of rig we drive or don't drive, what we eat and such puts us in certain nice little boxes.
But I have to wonder..If you don't mention our faith and what we do on the net does it put us in a nice little box of faith or not?
Statement time...One main reason I don't care about the medical profession is that they pigion hole every human.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    I refer to my main ("Meno") blog as a 'magazine', containing a little of something for everybody and with some days set as predictable, others as surprises. It's main purpose, for myself though, is to act as a log of my thoughts. Then there is the photo blog and the arty blog and the teaching blog... and all four still do not define who I am, only where my main interests lie. I avoid any other form of online media for exactly the reason that there has been the recent blowup about the book of faces. It's true that one cannot be on-line and avoid such profiling, though. I have an ad-blocker on my search engine to try minimise that invasion. YAM xx

  2. Surprisingly Facebook has not categorized me, though Facebook is very much aware of my political views.

    My blog is a hodgepodge of pop culture, politics, science, religion, and my day-to-day experiences. Today I posted photos of YC at night, taken in my carwhile I was waiting for the light to change. Yesterday I posted about Martin Luther King Jr. Tomorrow night I’m going to the movies, so I’ll post about that movie later next week.

    I refuse to be pigeonholed.

    1. And I do need to improve my proofreading skills. The photo was of NYC

  3. I don't think the medical profession pigeon holes people as much as they used to, not out here anyway.
    I don't have anything to do with Facebook.

  4. Anonymous12:41 AM

    when I quit blogging I will have two email addresses and that's it. I don't facebook or tweet or twat or any of the rest of it. I miss talking on the phone and writing letters and sending cards. Have a safe trip and enjoy the baby!

  5. No conspiracy. It's fact that google feeds us what we've clicked on before, which only serves to narrow our minds rather than open them as we're constantly exposed to views that are similar to our own rather than being provoked to think outside the box.

  6. Facebook is more addictive and more popular than blogging.

  7. Well, that was eye-opening. I checked what FB has me set as politically, and it's wrong! Too funny.


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