Saturday, April 28, 2018

Not Many

Idaho sure don't have many liberal, progressive or demarcate candidates running in our up coming primary.
Confession time...I was going to change my voter status back to Republican, and I procrastinate and miss the dead line.
Well in simple term here when it comes to primary if you want to make a different when comes to casting your ballot.
It usual better vote what I call up or down. Just like in days of Soviet Union during the cold war. So in the past I would vote for what I thought was a moderate to a liberal republican.
So since I didn't change my voting status. I'm asking for the democrat candidates in the primary. So I went into our local court house and got a democrat sample ballot.
I found this site called VOTE SMART and wear a candidate gets there funding from tell quite a bit about them. "Money Talks Bull Shit Walks"
Well I figure who I will be casting my ballot for my Representative for congress first dist. There only three candidate to choose from.
Then I decided who I will vote for Governor. Also three candidates are running.
Still need to study there other candidates. I need to choose a candidate for Lieutenant Gov, Secretary of State,  Superintended of public education, and state representative position A.
Then the other position there only one candidate running.
looks like there four republican running for governor, and seven for congress. well if your curious about our CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES.
Enough P.S (political shit)

Still looking for my camera, and usual I said something like "I'll put it in a a safe place so I can remember where I put it" and now where is that place.
It sort of reminds me of the lesson I learn about the electric toothbrush...When I was young I want an electric tooth brush, and my parents bought me one although it wasn't exactly what I wanted. So I thought I took a hammer to it. Then my parents would go out and buy me a new tooth brush.
Well my mom said "you couldn't take care of tooth brush you had, why should you get the electric tooth brush"
Confession time...Why should I get my self anther camera since it seem I can't take care of the one I have. 
So I should continue looking for it. But I guess there will be a time I will have to say enough is enough.

Yesterday as I watch star trek I set up my bullet journal for the month of May.

Murphy and I made home chicken noodle soup. The leeks that was left in garden from last garden season was just fine.
It was a good way to clear things out of our veggie bind in frig.

Hubby got a list of things we could use around the place. Back to the one guest room to get in straighten out a bit.
My friend LaWalla Will be staying at our place as I'm going to Oregon to see my oldest and his wife.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari Om
    We don't have any elections coming up...yet... always a headache to sort the chiff from the chaff. I do hope you find your camera - though if you got a new smartphone, does it not take photos? YAM xx

    1. My husband is taking anthor ballot he has a lot more sorting out canidates then I do

  2. It sounds as if your system is very different to ours. Even if you do belong to a political party (I don't) you can vote for anyone.
    Good luck on the camera front. I have often put things in safe places where they are safe from me.

    1. Our state of Idaho in there primary has close election. In my thought it sure made things unbalance...closed primary definition. A type of direct primary limited to registered party members, who must declare their party affiliation in order to vote. The closed primary serves to encourage party unity and prevent members of other parties from infiltrating and voting to nominate weak candidates.

  3. Dora,

    I'm trying to figure out how you misplaced your camera unless it's one of those pocket size ones. :) I hope you find it and when you do, figure out a good place to keep it when you're not using it so you can find it every time. I have to do just that or I'd lose my head. lol Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I've been way busy for the past few days and yesterday was DH's off Friday from work so we went to the mountains. I'll be playing catch up mostly on Monday. Have a good evening!

  4. I haven't made chicken noodle soup in a long time, probably last winter. I'll have to get the things to make it again soo now the weather here is cooling off.
    I always put things away in the same place, when I first put something away when it is new, I always put it in the same place after so I know where it is. Even when I move house, I try to arrange things in the cupboards the same way I had them before.

  5. Pity the camera is not like a phone and you could ring it. But then I have my phone on silent, so it would be pointless.

  6. New York has closed primaries too. We Democrats have a very interesting primary this year, actress Cynthia Nixon is running a primary against incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo. And we have draconian rules about when you can change party affiliation.

    I hope you find your camera soon.

  7. Your politics are way too complicated Dora 😀 I would be lost without my camera, hope you find yours soon.. did you check in your car?

  8. Sounds like the election there is complicated the only thing we have coming up is the legalization of marijuana (for medicimal uses) I lost my camera 2 yrs ago and still can"t find it, bought a pocket camera thank you for stopping by and the coffee was fantastic!!!

  9. no matter how you're registered, you should be able to vote either party. We can in Texas

  10. I got my booklet for the election, but I've yet to look at it. As I'm actually happy with my representative, I don't see voting him out of office. I'm lucky to live in a largely Dem district. Right next door in district 48, however, is Rorbacher. You may have heard of him. He's the one known to have been paid off by the Russians. And since it's not my district, I have no say in that election.


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