Sunday, April 29, 2018

Great Hunt Is Still On

Still looking for my camera....One day Regis and I went to Sandpoint and I was hoping to have a chance to take a few picture of murals.
Well I stuck my camera in back of my car behind the passenger seat, on the floor. Never had an oppurtunity to take any photos.
Our last stop was the dollar store and when we went into the store I'm know my camera was the place where I put it, behind passenger seat.
Well I came out of the store. Items from the store in plastic bag went on top of my camera.
Haven't seen my camera since.
So I guess I either or he grab it accidently when items was be brought in to either place. I have ask Regis if he seen my camera, and he said no.
Or it could be very well here still.
It so fustrating.
I know everything should have place and once used it should go back in spot. But when I came home I was tried and just toss thing down.

It fact my flower beds need to be redone. But it will be better to replant them in the fall. So for now I'm going to try to keep the grass down, so sunlight can get to the flowers.
This morning I took out grass in the hodge podge flower bed.
Murphy went and lightly rottilled the veggie garden again.
I explain my ideal of planting fruit trees. The only thing I want is a pear tree.

Today we went to Walmart and got a few items for the place. Well I end up getting a few person items for my self. Like a package of socks, and panties. Plus a package of yarn needles.
Did look at the camera there. I like how the PIX PRO feel in my hand. But still need to do some reasearch. I want to keep trying to find my camera to mother day, mid may. If camera is not found I will break down and get a camera then.

Still looking for a dog. I've been checking the shelter with in a 100 miles from our place. Not saying I won't bend in some area.
I'm looking for a female puppy or a young dog. Actual I would like to get a mutt when fully grown weighing between 20 and 30 pounds.
If it not spaded I will get it spaded.
Off to Medford this up coming weekend. When I get back I might put a local adds in my local area for a mutt and see what comes up.

Washing Machine is going doing up some tops, kitchen towels and some fabric I got local thrift store.
I also need to wash up some blanket for guess room.

Coffee is on


  1. So, maybe the camera is all the way under the passenger seat? I know I've found things get stuffed all the way under seats in my car. I hope you find your camera soon.

  2. I hope you find the right dog soon. I’m not in a position to have a dog right now, but I love them

  3. Sometimes when you're in a hurry things get lost. I know the feeling.

  4. hari OM
    I agree with Liz... I have found stuff months later tucked right under - and only then because something else rolled there and I saw that happening! Needed a stick to push it out and along with it came the can of beans I thought I'd left at the store...sigh... I keep looking at dogs. I just can't afford one. Another sigh. YAM xx

  5. What Liz said. Things can slide around in a car and you'd be surprised what gets caught under the seats. I'm sure your camera will turn up.

  6. Like the others suggested, maybe the camera is caught up in the springs under the seat.
    I used to have fruit trees in my last place, the dwarf kind that don't grow to full size, I had peach, nectarine, satsuma plum and santa rosa plum, granny smith apple and a full size cherry tree. here I have no room for trees, just the skinny plum trees at the side that were here already when I moved in.

  7. You don't think someone took it when you were in the store do you Dora? It does seem odd that it's disappeared. Good luck with finding a mutt, you will have to take a pic, if you find your camera, and show us ✨

  8. I hope you find that camera soon! nerve wracking! I found a really nice Nikon D3100 with 2 extra lenses over the weekend for a great price I am hoping to be able to put it into layaway soon


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