Saturday, March 10, 2018

Who Are Trying To Measure Up To

We or lease some how we give our self some type of grade though out life,  just like in school.
Still doing it.

I just start my next week bullet journal. Usual the first thing I put in is my health goals and plans. First thing as for my health I put in steps if I make my 5,000 steps I color in a square.  Not sure when I will increase my step goals. for sure I made my 5,000 steps or more this past week, not sure what today (Saturday) will be.
Water that I put down 36oz or more is also 3 times this week.
I understand 10,000 is what one should try to OBTAIN.
Then weigh in twice a week. I found out if I weigh in more then that...It seem I come to two conclusion...If I loose I give my self permission  to celebrate with foods. If I gain I give my self permission to punish my self with foods.

I can complete understand the reason behind the 24 times zones. But the ideal of having to change our clock twice a year, to me seams to be so out dated.
Things would work out if we didn't change our CLOCK TWICE A YEAR and if I was to be pointed ruler of the world...Statement time....I hope no one is taking me serious about ruling the world...
It would be great if everyone set there clock and head a half hour and leave it.

I was trying to find out what is actual COST OF LIVING in my area. One son lives in MEDFORD OREGON and the other lives in SPOKANE VALLEY WASHINGTON, near liberty lake.
But I have to wonder how they came up on how they would grade a certain place.

We might not grade in the same format as we are in school. We do judge our self and it seems we our own worst critic and we sure have a hard time forgiving our self.

Coffee is on


  1. hari OM
    It's true, Dora; am in the midst of a flurry of prep for two April writing challenges and am having to overcome some negative self-talk. Is it ridiculous that I was chuffed when my neighbour, who is the local school principal, said she'd give me an A+ for the piece I showed her? ...sigh... YAM xx

  2. I don't punish myself with food, but I do celebrate with food. I just have to remember to celebrate with smaller portions.
    I'm not allowed to eat some certain foods right now, until my cholesterol comes down, so I'm losing weight because of that. 4 pounds so far in three weeks. But I miss ice cream.

  3. Half an hour, that´s the solution, that makes sense!

  4. Emotional eating ...that’s what does me in.

    Sounds like you’ve got a good plan. I hope you reach your goals this week.

  5. I consider the half hour change the best idea...

  6. I stopped the negative self talk a few years ago, thankfully. It most certainly can be overcome!

  7. 10,000? As in ounces in a week? I'd be sloshing with each step!!

  8. Forgive yourself, don't judge yourself. (Easier said than done, I know.)


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