Sunday, March 25, 2018

Talk About Talk About

There time I'm total clueless what I'm going to even post on my blog. I even hold off on posting hoping or wish, not to hard. That something slightly small might happen so I can share something different.
Confession time...I'm not looking for to much excitement.
There been time I even come up with a new thought I could blog about. But I'm usual at place where I can't blog about it.

Finish up my next weekly in my bullet journal. I wonder why I even do one. My intentions for goal and planning is good, I would say.
But at first part of the week I keep on it and when comes to last part week. I don't mark anything toward the end of the week.

My weekly quote..."I really like the bohemian look, and I'm a great fan of mixing vintage and modern"

Most of my styles personal and fashion is well diverse. Quite a few of my clothing comes from places they sell use items.
There a few items I won't purchase though a thrift or charity store. Which undergarments, or make up.
Ok, I will if there in package that never been open.
It's strange how we look at our self. I had my hubby take four photos of me. His and my opinion different on which photo was the best.
It strange how we view things. He says I look distant and I call the look on my face as goof. But as human we're our own worst critic or we also have a hard time forgiving our selves.
On the right hand side of the blog I'm doing a poll...HOW DO WANT TO LOOK..

Got anther rock paint. I call it my friendly space creature. I got anther rock wash and it dried a little later I will base coat it. I'm going to try to paint a aardvark.

 At this time I won't go into all the issue with Liz. It fact she has salmonella. Her gall bladder is flaking off. At this time there also looking at two possible infection. But untill I know the result I may or maynot post it.
She one sick person.

This is first time that my digestion system work almost perfectly smoothly. Confession time...When I eat I wonder what will happen in the morning.
Dinner was chicken, rice and coleslaw. One thing I like in my coleslaw ins pineapples.

I guess there always something to talk about. But to me is more the important is have someone listen.
I try to listen and hear what other may be saying.

Coffee is on


  1. I think it's a really nice photo with a nice background too.

  2. Nice photo. And I like the rock

  3. Hari OM
    I do like your photo too. Yes, there's always something, even if it's just to confess there's a blank for the day! YAM xx

  4. Dinner looks delicious!
    I hope Liz gets proper medical help, salmonella is a bad thing to have for too long, or at all.
    That's a nice photo of you.

  5. Nice photo :-)
    You´re used to see your face through a mirror hence the look of yourself on a photo looks "different" to you.
    Ew, salmonella! Not good...

  6. I like the bohemian/vintage look too Dora. You look lovely in your photo, I hate having my photo taken, always have a goofy look on my face 😀 Sorry to hear about your friend Liz, hope she recovers soon.

  7. I think your photo is great and I too love bohemian and vintage. Your dinner reminded me to make some fried chicken this week. (My son has been asking for it.) And Dora, you are a great listener. You couldn't do your job if you weren't and it appears you are excellent at your job. - Happy Monday.

  8. You look like you're squinting a bit. Was the sun in your eyes? It's a very nice picture :)

  9. Good photo of you, and it seems you still have snow.

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