Friday, March 30, 2018

Partially I Came To a Conclusion

 Been using the KANIKSU HEALTH SERVICE Bonners Ferry Office. I general been happy with there service and there staff.
At this time there having trouble restaffing there office up here with either doctors, physician assistant, or a nurse practitioner.
As the look to restaff, so in mean time there finding people to fill in. Which there only there for a short time.
Statement time...I don't go to the doctors not all that much. But when I go I want them to listen so I can develop a good rapport with them.
When I came in to the exam room. I talk to her nurse. No trouble and she came in and tells me "I don't believe anyone has diarrhea at 4AM"
Although I talk to anther person who uses the same medical facilities and she told this person she had what look like worms floating in the toilet.
She look at her and said "Oh you don't have worms"
Well she did listen to my stomach and there quite a bit of rumbling and such. So she guessing there some type of blockage. She suggest I try the other doctor I saw on this issues. Which was bisacodyl and milk magnesia.
Then they did take a stool sample. It been ship off.
And she did say some time basic walking does help with the digestion.
Well I talk to my hubby about the situation. We're going to start using the facilities down in Sandpoint unless they can staff the one up here.

Got Grand daughter Claudia Easter box ready. Found this box at one of the local thrift store and thought it would be perfect to put her Easter item in
And actual I'm not sure if there coming up or not. I text them and told them we're having an Easter lunch with my sister in law place.

Since I'm on the subject of Grand children both of my beautiful daughter in law are having babies. One is due mid July and the other first part of August.

Murphy and I put a new porch light by the kitchen door, or our side door. He said the next thing is to put in peak hole.
Also the pile in basement is getting smaller. That pile is for thrift store.


  1. Glad you're getting your giveaways done. That was a chore, I'm sure.

    Medical professionals should listen when we tell them our ailments. Alas, they always seem to know better, eh?

  2. Hari OM
    Love that rose. Congrats on the impending grandkids... did Easter come round quick this year, or was I just napping??? YAM xx

  3. I don't like the sound of that Medical Clinic at all. she says "I don't believe anyone has diarrhea at 4am" and "oh you don't have worms" without even checking any history? Of course people get diarrhea at 4am and any other time too and people do still get worms. I think you need to find a better doctor. I'm glad at least a stool sample was sent for examination.
    If that was me, I'd be wanting my doctor to ask questions and really listen to my answers, like how long has the problem been going on, what have I been eating, is the problem more noticeable after certain foods and so on like that. (which is what my doctor here is like)
    Congratulations on the new babies soon to be arriving.

  4. Grandma again, very soon. I didn't know you had two sons.

  5. Congrats on the impending arrivals.

  6. Congrats on the impending grandkids.

    You're absolutely right about the doctor. I had a horrible doctor once, didn't think he had to really talk to his patients. Needless to say, I found another doctor.

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