Thursday, March 08, 2018

Mathability of Flexability

Plan A actual became Plan B. For my evening things I want to start or even complete. Was to put the dishes away, and paint a rock.
Confession time....I was stupid and had an ice cream cone....see to much dairy and beef product plays a bottomless pit of un-pleasure.
So a little more trips to the bathroom was force upon me.
Forget putting the dishes away and rock painting. Well I did get chance to spend some time working on the locker hook rugs.

Yellow can represent FLEXIBILITY. There a few groupings flexibility can fall under. But the important thing is how you handle your flexibility. Remember we have choice and free will.

Never thought I was moving fast enough on my goals. Every week in my bullet journal one of my on going task is when I head to work, to grab from the pile of item in basement and take it to the thrift store. Sound simple enough.
I actual meant to take a bag or box in each and every day. Well it hasn't happen that way.
This morning as I was grabbing some ole bedding and actual quite bit is gone.

Last few days I been working on a locker hook rug that for Sawyer and Betty. Looks like I will be using up one of my bag of fabrics. Actual I'm starting to wonder if I have enough cut. Well rug making is one way of up cycling.

We have snow on ground that seems like long time. Today when I took Regis trash out to the main garbage box.
The snow melt under the trees. It's been so long since I stood on actual bare ground. I must just stood there for a few minutes and day dreaming.
Well there not sure quite why Regis hip pop out let lone twice. The orthopedic surgeon is stump why it pop out, not once but twice.
The surgeon said something like this haven't happen in like over ten years. So by his cat scan it shouldn't happen. So there investigating.
I sure hope they figure what's going on. I can't see this being any fun.

My last weigh in at T.O.P.S I was down

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    I must admit, I thought it very strange that Regis had this happen, and more than once at that. As for the not taking stuff each time you go out the door... it this like my intending to take the shopping list with which always somehow get left on the counter??? YAM xx

    1. I guess we wouldnf't be human if we didn't forget something. I guess that why our head attach

  2. See, and I forgot to have a look in the container to see if I can get rid of our recycle-plastic!
    Daydreaming is good once in a while :-)
    Good luck with the hip!

  3. That's a good idea, taking one thing at a time. I know what you mean about getting in that habit initially, though. That's the hardest part :)

  4. The surgeons couldn't have done something right with Regis' hip in the first place. Make me wince thinking about it.

    1. His left hip is much better then he had before

  5. Maybe every evening you could put something by the front door so on your way out you can just grab it and take it to the thrift store.
    I don't see why trips to the bathroom stop you from putting away the dishes.

  6. Thanks for the good words and for the visit!


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