Monday, March 26, 2018

If Couldn't or Shouldn't Be An Answer

Question time... Have you every ask and if question or made if statement? I've known a few of my friends tell me there parents should of gotten a divorce.
Well at times I felt my parents should of never had children. And I know if this was true I wouldn't every been born or how much different things could of been. Not saying either in Negative or Positive. I believe we all need to experience life's negative and positives. Hopeful it all improves are lives and we become better people for it.
Please don't think I'm not trying to make a narcissistic or a humble statement about my self.

Before I went to work I went over by our fair grounds and took a short walk. It was quite windy. It usual is. I walk the road that follow the Kootenai river.

Murphy and I got dentist appointment tomrow morning. It been a good year since we been to a dentist.
Which was one of my health goals is going to the dentist. And there MEDICAL REASON FOR SEEING A DENTIST
Then to see a medical person about my digestion. I real don't like going to the doctor. Confession time...I have a fear of being come a hypochondriac.

Weigh in with my weight lost group. Sunday home weigh in I was up a little. Start to paint anther rock.

Coffee is on


  1. Don't worry about becoming a hypochondriac, if that was going to happen, you would be one already.
    But definitely go to see a doctor about your digestion. The problem might be something really simple and easy to fix.

  2. Hari OM
    I second River's comment! YAM xx

  3. I joke that I’ve reached an age where all my best friends have the same name: Doctor. Truth is, at our age we become high maintenance. You need to take care of yourself

  4. Sounds like your childhood was less than ideal. Sorry about that.

  5. What River said.

  6. Go to the dr. You are not being a hypochondriac. I never went to the dr. until I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer - not to scare you - but now I go if I get a paper cut! People may call me a hypochondriac but what they won't be calling me is dead!

  7. I hope your dental appointment goes well. It is indeed an important factor in overall health.

  8. I hate to see doctors, too, but there is no real alternative, right? Fingers crossed all goes well.

  9. I think shouldn't have is irrelevant as we can't change the past - only our reaction to it.

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