Monday, March 12, 2018

Before Work But After Morning Chores

I mange to get a short walk in morning. As I was walking I could hear the train down in canyon. I live up on PLATEAU with plenty of grasses and trees. One can see mountain all around.
But had to wonder where it was going and it was hauling. Although I believe it fright was good for a lease some wonderful person.

I did mange to do two simple morning chores. Did some vacuuming and put the dishes away. Hubby now is doing dishes.

My son Bart brought up my suburb which he got at car auction for me. Paid slightly under $500 and had to order a mirror for the left side.
Had to get that fix. Simple it un-safe feature and also I could receive a ticket.
It at the shop. And the wiring plugs don't match. Well I can roll down the window and adjust the mirror. But we're wondering if the bolts and such will line up. If it doesn't I will have to send that one back.

Not much on going on to see doctors. Well I see enough of them because of my job. Confession time...I only meant one though my work I thought was a complete ass.
But I'm leaning toward making appointment with my regular doctor. Or should I say clinic. The doctor I had move to the southern part of the state. And as far as I know they haven't found a replacement.
The way my insurance I have to go my and you notice I used the word "my". Well I don't have a primary caregiver.
Confession time...I'm tired of trying to see and figure out what food I can eat or not. 
Simple I need a primary care giver to send a recommendation to a immunologist.
I'm guessing the local clinic I go to could send the paper work to immunologist.
Once again because of my job. It's good to keep your medical records with your primary care giver, and have good comuncation with your primary care giver.

It's getting time for me to eat a little lunch. Pumpkin seeds, apple and few shrimps. And head to work

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    Sadly, I've met a few doctors whom I'd prefer to avoid... and I do, mostly - avoid doctors. Hope your afternoon at work goes smooth. YAM xx

    1. Think most people including my self watch what they eat and got little more exersise wouldn't be seeing doctors as much

  2. Once the mirror is correctly adjusted it should be ok. Good luck with it.

  3. The view of the mountains must be incredible

    1. I could look at mountains all the time

  4. Hi Dora, thnks for visiting my blog. I can see you live on the other side of the world from us here in Australia where we are cooling down after the dreadful heat of summer.

  5. If you go to the same clinic all the time, that should count as your primary caregiver, it does out here. As long as the medical records are all in one place, one clinic.

  6. I once had a problem with my ankle.
    10 doctors failed. The 11th simply took two scales, asked me to stand with one foot on each until I think I´m balanced.
    One leg is a tad shorter, special training, all good.
    The eleventh!! He´s my doc still (certainly).
    It´s all about luck with doctors, it seems, so: Good luck!

  7. I'm thinking about seeing a dietician Dora, I think I eat healthy food but I must be doing something wrong 😀 I have a inbuilt distrust of doctors, I'm not sure why 😀

  8. "Confession time...I'm tired of trying to see and figure out what food I can eat or not."

    I've been there. But I also had fun with it as much as it was frustrating, I'm glad for it because I opened up to so many new things. If that makes sense.

  9. It must be wonderful to see the mountains ...

    I had a lovely walk this afternoon, we had blue skies and sunshine and you could hear birds singing - it was so enjoyable.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  10. Perhaps you should keep a list of what bothers you and what doesn't. That might help you with your food choices.


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