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Sunday, February 18, 2018

We Can Help Those In Bogus

In the town of Bogus the jury had taken a much larger roll in court. It learn that people was quick to pick up and had there bias take on life.
So the jury box chairs had a blindfold and any who sat in the jury box, whore a blindfold.
Jury instead of finding a person guilty or not guilty. Most fine 3 solution to any problem and present to the judge. And his or her ruling will be from these 3 solutions.
As M seem to be quite angry and one cold day. M got so angry that he went into the middle of the road any start yelling obscenities. Soon the local authorities took M to quite room at local community center.

Like all who upset M was seen by a physician, psychiatrist and a lay person in the community. Soon M had a bed, a shower, and mostly place where M could be safe.
But the king of Zest land as all citizen most do there duty in the community hall. And the king and 7 others spent time in the cries center for a week. To help those who up set.

Soon a report was done from all three, who saw M and was send to the court of help. Each Jury place there blindfold before Audience or others who might bring light.
10 question could be ask to M by the physician, psychiatrist, or the king. and also make 10 minute or less statement to the jury. But those from the Audience who have something to say couldn't be question by jury, or ask any question.

After all was said the Jury and the 3 who saw M would go and deliberate. Then make a solution to the problem of M.

Question time...What is your solution for M

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  1. Hari OM
    Oh dear, that's no question to be asking me at one in the morning... especially as I was not privy to the various arguments put forward by the jury, audience etc. However, making a late-night mental leap, it sounds like a case of mandatory cummunity service with registered counselling incurred... YAM xx

  2. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for M and people like M. Given the limited facts you provided, I’d say that M will stop behaving inappropriately if he’s warm and safe and on the appropriate medication.

  3. I go with songbird. Sounds like a cry for help after all.

  4. I love this story! Did you create it yourself? What a great way of dealing with problems - finding solutions!

  5. What songbird said.


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