Sunday, January 14, 2018

Where Is The Devil

Every hear the saying "Give the Devil his due" well I just finish up anther week. And notice I hardly kept track of anything in my bullet journal.
Let see, I finish anther tarot card never mark it off.
Each week in my bullet journal I have a place for chores. For each day of the week I put in 3 squares to mark off. Both in AM and PM.
I didn't mark one off. I know I did chores around the place.
I'm trying to work on rugs I start for Christmas and same thing as chore one. Not a mark.
Statement time...I need to give my self credit. It seem like I'm scared to give my self my own due.

Today I meant with my pagan group Spairfitera and we been going thought a book called "To Ride A Silver broom Stick.
And we cover a few of the pagan denomination or sects.
I tend to lean toward ECLECTIC PAGAN 
But one person did there on HEREDITARY WITCH CRAFT and I know families who basically follow the same religious path. My husband side been Catholic for generation and if they married a non Catholic there spouse was expect to be come Catholic.
Well my hubby generation (baby boomers) was properly the first to step out of the mold.
My side when it comes to family history and it's religious path. We're diverse when it comes to faiths.
Just the other day I found a group of my family had connection to the DUTCH REFORM
Being from a diverse group of religions I can some what under stand why I may use different paths.
That saying "The path is narrow for one faiths"...Opinion the path is wide and one should be able to grow with there faith....There more then one way to worship there deity.
Well each of us is going to do a report on a certain moon. Since I was born in Feb I'm covering the snow or the hunger moon.
But each planet also have moon and some even multi. Being born under the sign of Aquarius and which connect to Uranus and it has 27 moons. There largest moon is Titania and is charter in one Shakespeare play " Midnight summer dream and she queen of the fairy.
The smaller moon Trinculo which was recently discovered. Still from one Shakespeare plays THE TEMPEST and the part was the DRUNKARD JESTER.

Work day and off to Sandpoint.

Coffee is on


  1. Mr. G is catholic and when he married me a protestant he had to pay 5 $ to get the permission and I had to sign a paper that I will educate my children in catholic faith. Now that doesn't exist anymore and our son is not religious at all. I think if you put everything together and pick out what suits you best that's the best faith !

  2. Just check off everything on that page and then start over next week.

  3. I heard the devil went down to Georgia.

  4. Hari OM
    I have issues with lists too. I write them in order to remember and then promptly forget them! Perhaps for those daily task sort of things, having the list on the wall by the fridge would work? And yes, there are many paths to the Source of all faith, some wider than others. YAM xx

  5. Lists are the only way I get anything done 😀 Gosh the pagan religion is very complicated Dora!

  6. I should start and give lists a try!

  7. So many faiths out there, one should be able to find one that fits ;)

    Aren't all Uranus' moons named for Shakespeare characters? I know there are naming conventions for each planet, and the moons are named using that convention.

  8. I think that's one of the hardest things to do - recognise the good in ourselves.


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