Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Sun Will Come Up

Actual I was going to say the sun rise in the east, come to think about it I'm not sure where it comes up in Australia and place around there.
In some way the world is still mighty big place. Or then since we are connect it can be pretty small.

There a lot happening in the world. Our government is shut down. And so far it seem everyone is doing fine. I'm not pointing fingers at either side. Opinion time...It both sides fault.
I think MR BS called it right..."Divide States Of America" Editor note...I have a variety of coffee pals (blogs I read) that I visit although I don't agree with anyone a 100% of time, and that includes myself.
Today was the woman march. Our town didn't have one and which didn't surprise me. The town south (Sandpoint) of me did. Not sure how many turn out.

Our pagan group and had Pizzia at GOAT MOUNTAIN PIZZERIA We had a new visitor from Sandpoint area.
Even if I took a little heat for openly posting one of our flyers on the local community pages off of facebook.
Opinion time...Actual I thought a lot of the comment people made up our pagan group actual made a "fool of them self "
We gain 10 people although not all local either. So Wednesday we will be having our general gathering and our teaching is live.
We will be continue on "Book Shadow" the first part of book...  dedication of the book, goals and the basic index.
The way I look at a book of shadow is pretty much something between a manual, and a almanac 

Well today on my facebook page and some groups I belong to I post a question...To Make a World a Better Place. What Would Your Hashtag say?

Coffee is on


  1. Yes, some things are the same the world over. Our sun comes in the east and sets in west. #respect

  2. The sun rises in the east no matter where you live. The earth is round, so every place has its east and west also north and south.

  3. #respectandtolerance

  4. #putyourphonedown #beinthemoment :)

  5. Hari OM
    YAM xx

  6. #treatothersasyouwouldlikethemtotreatyou

  7. #bekindandconsiderate

  8. I have no idea what my hashtag would say.

  9. I really appreciate your professional approach.These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.



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