Thursday, January 04, 2018

Second Post Of Year and I Thought

Now that could be scary that I actual might have a thought. My stomach and plumbing I believe is pretty much on the mend. Things are going though pretty much like they should.

Notice the days are getting a little longer. But snow seems not to be decreasing. I heard freezing rain or some might call it sleet. And anther round of snow is coming in some time after Saturday and I hope it total miss us.
We're lucky that we have a snowblower. Shoveling snow by a shovel is no fun.
Although even with blower there places that shovel is a must.

Been slowly working on the locker hook and had to recut some fabric strips. I cut the purple 2 inchs which should been and inch and half. The two inch strips is what I use for crochet rag rug.
Well I bought two totes for my fabrics. One of the totes I'm putting fabric with a yard or more in. And the other one with less then one yard of fabrics.
I was about to say it "seams" that my fabric is out of control. Well it is.

Coffee is o


  1. Stay warm!! And I wish you a great New Year!!

  2. It does sound like you are accumulating quite a 'stash," haha.

  3. Having a quiet giggle here about your fabrics getting out of control. Good to know your personal plumbing is better.

  4. Hari OM
    a 'productive' start to the year, overall, then? May it continue so! YAM xx

  5. My boyfriend just bought a snow blower. What a difference!

  6. Eeek. Stay warm.

  7. It "seams" that my fabric is out of control - hee, hee. I like a bit of word play. :-)

  8. Am I glad we don´t have any snow!
    I hope to see the tote! Reminds me of hubby´s late Granma who sat on the ground sorting rest bits of wool to knit us fancy socks :-)

  9. Anonymous3:45 AM

    Omgosh. There is absolutely no such thing as fabric being out of control or a person having too much fabric, or yarn, or glitter... Just sayin'.. :)

  10. Anonymous5:33 AM

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  11. Good to know that your stomach and plumbing is on the mend. Good news.

    Happy New Year Wishes

    All the best Jan

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