Saturday, January 06, 2018

It Is, It Will Be, It Was 2PM

I got quite a bit done today and I say enough is enough. I been organizing my fabrics. I bought two totes one for those piece with a yard or more and then the other one for a yard or less.
I was just tossing the fabrics on the smaller bedroom, which has a twin bed in.

With smaller pieces of fabric I'm planning to up some hot pad holders for Christmas 2018.

Don't have any plans for the larger pieces at this time. But every so often I see piece and think to my self "Wouldn't this print make a fun apron"

I been working on rugs. The locker hook one and I had to re-cut my purple fabric. Cut it at 2 inches and it should be cut at 1.5 inches.
Then the crochet rug I start for Liz, which I show her it. And now I need to put the blue on it.

Did some basic chores around the place. Like cleaning the bathroom sink, and mirror. Vacuumed and swept. Put the dishes away.
Did two loads of laundry. First one was some strips I cut up for a possible crochet rag rug, and piece of fabric about a yard worth. And some cloth napkin my daughter in law Betty made for me.

Don't know why. But the other day I was craving Saltine crackers with butter on them. I also like preserves or peanut butter on them.

For lunch Murphy and I had egg salad sandwich for lunch today. It's been a while since I had that type of sandwich.

Now for my political rant. People need and should be accountable for there choices in life. Opinion time...Having prison ran as private business isn't right. It taking advantage of humans.
One day Liz ask me if I could deposit her son some money on his account. I had no problem doing this. I knew she would pay me back and she did.
Well the price the prison charge me for doing this was outrages. To send some one $300 dollars it cost $15.
And the items in COMMISSARY I think is horribly priced. I have trouble that prisoner have to buy there basic hygiene stuff. But if I understand if a prisoner don't have the mean to earn money or it sent to them that the prison will give them there hygiene items.
I refuse to buy Little Debbie's. Not sure if the owners of company is still Seventh day Adventist of not.  There big on health and Little Debbie is full of refine sugars. Such hypocrites and actual I understand there quite bit of diabetes in prison.
Don't know why I find that smug look on his face. I just clean want to smack it right off.

I got my plans made for next week in my bullet journal. One thing I need to do is mark of things I do.
I put down my plans and I know I do things. I just don't mark off and so I can see my progress.

Coffee is on


  1. Nice to meet you Dora. Funny, but I was cleaning out my fabric bins today also. We are in a deep freeze so it has me doing more cleaning because it is too cold to venture outside. And I am also not a Jeff Sessions fan. Oh politics are so testy right now. I will be back for coffee again some other time soon as I would like to see your bullet journal. :) erika

  2. Looks like an interesting stash, I see some good apron prints too!

  3. There's so much wrong with all prison systems. Australia's systems too are messed up.

  4. Sessions has a clear conflict of interest. It outrageous that prisons charge for a prisoner to receive money to spent on very basic needs.

  5. Privately owned and run prisons? That seems wrong to me. They should be government run. I don't know anything else about prisons. "Yum" says ours are messed up too, but I've never been in one or done any research, so I can't say if true or not.

  6. Ours are run by government, but I think they´re not strict enough.
    In Berlin last week two inmates escaped and later another three - how is that possible?
    Men who had raped children are allowed days off - and some use it to run away.
    Prisoners can work, if they want, and earn money. They have TV, Internet...

  7. You have some lovely pieces of material to work with there Dora, I hope we get to see the results ☺ I think there are many people who would like to slap that smug look off Jeff Sessions face, I'm not even American and I would love to! How come all of a sudden I fancy an egg sandwich.. thanks Dora ☺

  8. Looks like you've got a very good selection of fabric/material to work with there.

    All the best Jan

  9. Is there anyone in this administration who's not profiting????

    Noodle and crew

  10. Hari OM
    That is scandalous. Double-dipping the finance. YAM xx

  11. Don't get me started on the swamp...

    Organizing fabric is fun. Great to see what you've got.

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