Sunday, December 03, 2017

Just Won't Except One Way

Our local pagan group, Is starting to go though a book called TO RIDE A SILVER BROOMSTICK and our first assignment is each of us is to do a basic report on a pagan sect or some may use the term coven.
Paganism is an umbrella term, there many path one may choice from. Like Christianity some of the sects under there umbrella may be Church of Christ, Roman Catholic, or Friend of Man.
Then there a listen of Jewish sect, and under there umbrella. Reform, Messianic, or Orthodox. Now out of the Christan faith the only two I have some ideal about is Church of Christ and the Catholic and Friend of man, total clueless. The Jewish I would be clearly lost.
So for my pagan report I'm going to Eclectic I consider my self more eclectic then anything. Statement time...There more then one way to make the god/dess happy. I'm not into black and white rules when it come to one faith practice. As long it has some solid basic ethics and I feel it right for me.
Then the other one I took is Austru. Their sect is teaching of Norse God/dess and Vikings. To me they seem so violent. It's like saying all Jew's will con you out of what every and have nose that can sniff out money, and our greedy.
The few Jews I been in contact there life wasn't much different then mine.
And negro I meant haven't had any criminal or immoral intentions. Not saying it doesn't exist but jerks  come in all color of the rainbow.
So I bet I can fine a more peaceful side to Austru.
Then the last on is Pictish, Scottish that attunes itself to nature, animals. plants and mineral. Which I found listed in the book the group is going though. And which I never heard of. But it does sound interesting

We finish up our plans for Yule. Usual we do our wheel of the year during Samhain but no circle then. So we will be doing it during wheel of year, the pagans holiday.
Everyone is taking one of our holidays. Murphy doing Yule and I will be doing Imbolc.
Then for our general meeting it was decide to do continue on the book of shadow. We will be cover what goes in the first part.
As I understand in the first part of book dedication, blessing, personal ethics, and index. But I can be wrong.

Isn't it amazing about our possible new tax plan for future. I know President Trump haven't sign it. But cutting taxes is always the answer to our democracy. Opinion time...It just going to raise the debt and the ones who will pay for is the lease of us. Cutting service for the poor, disable, children, and woman.
Opinion time...I'm for a personal income tax rate which would include investment income. Let say those under 40,000 wouldn't pay and those over would pay 20%. It shouldn't have to be done on multi pages.

Sundays I post a question on facebook and Question time...Have you every thought of closing down your facebook page, and why?...when name calling and insults gets out of hand. Not everyone is going see eye to eye.

I woke up with the back house trot, diarrah. Although my stomach isn't up set. I got my flight line up to see my son and his wife down in Medford Oregon.
We will fly out Thursday morning.
The odds I won't have there locker hug rug done.
And I'm making moon water, holly water.

Coffee is on


  1. I hope your poor body settles down and you enjoy your visit with your son.
    Reducing taxes is being pushed here too - for the wealthy. Sigh.

  2. That is very well said, "jerks come in all color of the rainbow"!
    Get well soon!

  3. Hari Om
    Hope your trots are short... I had a bout of 'something nefarious' last week. Just a 24-hr thing, but unpleasant and no idea from whence it came.

    Scotland has two native ethnic groups; the Gaels and the Picts, both of whom fall under the general banner of 'Celtic'. The Picts generally occupied the Southern regions and the Gaels the West coast and Highlands. The Pictish types present with the shorter stature and dark hair, often with brown or hazel eyes. The Gaels were mostly taller and tended to the red/fair hair and blue eyes. Pictish is, therefore, an ethnicity and cultural classification and not necessarily a statement of faith structure. Both groups practiced what was general to the larger Celtic group, which is Nature-based worship. YAM xx

  4. I have heard the term Pictish but not the others. You're probably right; there's probably a more peaceful side to the other.

  5. Thank you for looking at my blog, and leaving a comment.

    Luna Crone

  6. I'm with you - the most important part is having solid ethics at the base. There should be flexibility in practice in any belief system.

  7. I don't understand US politics Dora, it seems to me your elected government wants to do everything it can to make life harder for its people! Hope your tummy issues sort themselves out very soon ✨

  8. I haven't thought of closing Facebook, but I have wondered about making police reports about stalkers. I have one in particular that keeps creating anonymous accounts and sending hate messages. I truly just feel sorry for the person as it comes out of jealousy and to be monitoring my activities so closely must mean that she/ he doesn't have a lot of other purpose in their lives. I do think people like that though could have a personality trait that could be obsessive and dangerous.

  9. This is really an interesting post, and I've always wanted to know more about what Pagan means, so I feel a lot more enlightened. It took me a long time to start Facebook, and then I started my blog, so I haven't really considered closing it down (at least not yet-lol) Hope you're having an amazing day! Hugs...RO


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