Tuesday, December 19, 2017

It Should Be But It Isn't

Didn't go into work because I couldn't get out. It been snowing! We as hubby and I shovel out part of our driveway and drove the rigs to end of the drive way. Well the snow truck went by a short time ago. I figure the highway are plowed and de-icier is on the highway.
So the odds are I will go in tomorrow for work.
Regis had his speech and it only male contact he has. And we were planning to take a trip into Sandpoint. But the road contention it sure not worth it.

There plenty of I could of done around the place. I did up dishes. Work on my locker hook rug. This one is going to Sawyer and Betty.
There planning to come up in January and I would like to go down in February.
But I will see.

I wrap up a few more gifts. Haven't put up a tree, don't think I'm going to. Not much in the Christmas spirit.
I've gotten out my snow people collection.

Last Saturday Murphy and I. Pick up Liz. Went to our Yule celebration and also did the WHEEL OF YEAR and I cover IMBOLC.
Soon the days will be getting longer. At some time the sun will look like it it will be standing still before it head up to the Northern Hemisphere. And maybe everyone should take a few minute and take look at them self during the SOLSTICE
But there a few pagan events I'm looking for and it depends on the roads. One is on DIVINATION and many FORMS OF THESE. Opinion time...I don't think anyone can see the future and all of us for what every reason is meant to go though certain things in our life time.
One I'm not to up on, is the OUIJA BOARD. It simple one can could call in something on the other side and in nut shell, and un-friendly spirit.
Then also there is IMBOLC. I'm looking forward to hearing from there guess speakers. Ms Weber did a tarot deck base on photo from NEW YORK CITY.
I hope to fine the time to talk to her about the deck I'm making.

Just talking to hubby and it hard to fine a snow plow in this area, Naples. Quite a few in Moyie area and if I live out there. I sure wouldn't look forward driving clear on the other side of the county.
Usual people who take up plowing and it same with wood gathering. Usual your equipment takes such beating and the up keep and repairs will eat up your money.

Cats in the house snug as bug.

Coffee is on


  1. I hope the snow is enjoyable.

    I had a Ouija board for a while. I eventually got rid of it. It's not spirits talking. We got gibberish unless one of us "knew" what was being said. Then it worked. Therefore, I believe that it was just us doing it, we weren't communicating with any other worldly spirits.

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of snow.

  3. Wow. I can't imagine having so much snow that you can't make it to work!

  4. I sometimes wonder about people who can't get to work because of snow. What happens to the businesses if all the staff can't make it? Do they just shut down and lose money for those days every winter?

  5. Hari OM
    That's pretty... and cold and a nuisance for workers! This year is the first I have put up the tree for a while - but then it is the first I am spending in the Hutch for a while... YAM xx

  6. Goodness ... that is a lot of snow.
    I do like your snow people collection.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan


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