Thursday, November 16, 2017

Past Mid Week

I believe it been 2 days since I post. Not much exciting things happen. I recall being young and the thought of boring was just awful. Now I appreciate "uneventful life"

Today I went and have coffee with my friend Qunella at under the sun, an Qunella brought a friend. So we all visit.
I did possible found a couple of Christmas gift there. I try to shop in my own local community.
I was looking for pine green votive candle, no luck finding such a thing.
Let see I went to, I believe is 8 business to see if they had the candle I was looking for. So now I'm using red and white candles.

Liz and I went over to the free lunch at Methodist church. It was pretty good. No desert for this gal.
It was Liz birthday today and I forgot her present. So tomorrow I'll bring it in and buy a bowl of soup for her at under the sun.
Liz been doing up her new apartment. Some one gave her book on the shabby chic look. Now it got me wonder. Question time... What is the difference between Bohemian look and shabby chic look.

I've set an INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT and the last two days I been looking though photos. So it amazing what one can search for.
Example tonight I was fabric, fall, and farming and it was strange what actual pop up.

Not much to talk about and I need to write a check for my health insurance.

Coffee is on


  1. Maybe Bohemian is not really so shabby. Real estate agents here refer to Bohemia as Boho.

  2. Bohemian I think uses lots of colour, rugs, cushions etc, while shabby chic is more like French Farmhouse style, old furniture allowed to age by having areas where paint is worn off, just left instead of repainting, but muted colours and nothing flashy. I could be wrong.

  3. Hari OM
    In terms of the style difference, River is pretty on it. Bohemian (boho) also refers to a particular time and place; the vintage is early 20th C and the traditional fashion and colours which came out of that area on the border of Austria and Czechoslovakia. Shabby chic, on the other hand, is just a general description coined for recycled living. It sounds better than 'used' or 'second-hand'!!! YAM xx

  4. I'm rarely, if ever, bored. I think it's because I'm one of those who's good at daydreaming... ;)

  5. I have no idea what any of those terms mean. Happy birthday to Liz.

  6. I agree with you about things being uneventful. I don't mind it all these days. Have a great weekend.

  7. Life here is full of all sorts of things since returning from our nearly 4 moths away in our winter.
    Haven't seen a Christmas Card to purchases as yet and figured it's not too early to buy.

  8. I think River described Bohemian and Shabby Chic well.

    All the best Jan


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